Quick Everyday Makeup Routine

PhotoGrid_1433777103901 (2)As a parent I know it’s difficult to find the time to do our makeup, it’s easy for the celeb mums who have their glam squad on standby at all time but we are our own glam squad. After giving birth both times I didn’t want to know about looking or feeling good I was so focused at trying to get this parenting thing right. Then, after my daughter turn a few months I thought no, I deserve to look and feel good or as good as I can with the weight of 2 pregnancies to lose AND bags under my eyes only Chanel would be proud of. So I’ve managed to master a quick everyday makeup routine that takes me up to 10 minutes to do. I timed myself just now and it took 8.42 mins. I like to keep it lightweight so its easy to take off at night but enough coverage so I feel confident when we go out.

Before applying your makeup make sure your face is toned and moisturised. I normally wait half hour before applying makeup after I moisturise because for me, makeup sits much better and doesn’t ‘slip down’ my face through the day.

Tools I Use: 

  • Flat Foundation Brush
  • Large Foundation Brush
  • Small Powder Brush
  • Small Flat Blusher Brush
  • Small Flat Concealer Brush
  • Eyeshadow Brush
  • Small Round Eyeshadow Brush

Makeup I Use:

  • BareMinerals Bareskin Foundation
  • BareMinerals Prime Time Eyelid Primer
  • BareMinerals Mineral Veil
  • BareMinerals Pressed Bronzer
  • Lily Lolo Mineral Blush
  • BareMinerals White Shimmer Eyeshadow
  • BareMinerals Plum Eyeshadow
  • Loreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara


FacePhotoGrid_1433777244696 (4)

Apply the foundation with the flat foundation brush along the bridge of your nose up to your forehead, in triangles under your eyes (under the eye, down the nose and back up to create a triangle) and a dot on your chin. With the same foundation brush, stroke the foundation under your eyes down and across your cheek.

With the large foundation brush, pat in the foundation across your whole face. The softer this brush is the better it blends into your skin.

Apply the eyelid primer with the small concealer brush under your eyes. I use this as concealer it’s brilliant at hiding under eye darkness, I suffer with bags and puffiness with my little nightowls getting up and playing in the night and this primer hides it all when used as a concealer. Blend the primer in with either of the foundation brushes.PhotoGrid_1433777465645 (4)

Powder your face with the Mineral Veil or powder of your choice using the small powder brush. This helps set your foundation to stop the midday slip.

Make a pouting face or duck face so you can see your cheek bones then with the small blush brush sweep the bronzer just under your cheekbones. I normally rub this in with the brush as it’s quicker and it goes on a bit darker. I used to have cheekbones but I don’t anymore so I’m very pleased this trick gives me the illusion of cheekbones!

With the small powder brush blend the bronzer in by sweeping from your nose upwards. Adding a small amount of Mineral Veil helps blend if it’s darker than you’d like it to be.

Using the same blusher brush again and the blush circle this on the apples of your cheeks and then blend with the small powder brush, sweeping from your cheeks towards your harline.

PhotoGrid_1433777657866 (4)Eyes

With the eyeshadow brush sweep your lightest eyeshadow across your lid up to your eyebrows.

Using the small eyeshadow brush and your darker eyeshadow, apply in the crease of your eyelid, so where your socket it. Defining the crease in your eye really makes your eyes pop without spending all the time with many more shades of eyeshadows.

Apply your mascara in a zig zag motion on your top lashes then brush upwards to separate the lashes. Then apply on the bottom lashes by quickly just dabbing your mascara wand on them. The loreal mascara I use is £12 but for me it’s worth every penny, I’ve never had a problem with clumping and it helps lengthen lashes without really thickening them. Thick lashes doesn’t suit me in the day so I was so pleased to find a mascara that works for me. It lasts ages too!

PhotoGrid_1433778147650 (5)Lips

Apply lipgloss or Vaseline (my lips are naturally big but the pic here makes them look huge!)

and you’re good to go!

A quick tip if you want wavy hair with a bit of volume in no time… I tie my hair up on the top of my head in a messy bun. I do this either during the night or for the morning, then when I need to go somewhere I just take the hair band out spray some hairspray and go!



5 thoughts on “Quick Everyday Makeup Routine

  1. I just wrote a post about taking some time to focus on myself again now that my youngest is 18 months old.. It’s good for us mums to still take pride in our appearance otherwise it’s so easy to loose our confidence and forget who we were pre-kids. But obviously having kids does mean limited time for ourselves so a face of make up in less than 10 minutes is great. It looks so natural but pretty too. If there’s one thing I never leave the house without its mascara and that one looks good so will look out for that thanks.

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