This Christmas All They Want Is…

We haven’t bought the children many gifts this year. I feel a little tight, like we’re depriving them of plenty of things they’d probably love to own and play with. Toys that’d probably be the size of our bloody lounge and play tunes that slowly drive you to insanity (if the actual owning of children doesn’t do that itself).

When I look at the little pile stacked neatly on the babys’ wardrobe, ready to be wrapped, I say to Mr Firstooth, ”is that enough, will that do?”, completely bypassing the point of Christmas. Our eldest is two, so, of course it will do.

At the ages of one and two, they have no concept of gifts, birthdays, Christmas. They haven’t a clue what they would like as a gift, if they even need a gift?


Already, we don’t just have a toybox overflowing with toys, every nook and cranny is spilling with all sorts of toys, or ‘stuff’ as I see it. Most of which rarely gets played with. Most toy sets get split up and spread across the house, pieces in pillowcases and slippers, because children have NO RESPECT FOR SETS. So do we really want to voluntarily add to this mayhem?

I would love to spoil them with toys and see their excitement as they open their many presents. But I’m inclined to think, what’s the point? This Christmas I want to enjoy the magic of the day and share that with our family. Start Christmas traditions like the mince pie and wine for Santa (I hear Santa favours wine) and the Carrott for Rudolf (which Rudolf will donate to the Christmas day dinner after his nibble).

Babies and toddlers want our time, our attention, laughs, sweets, crisps, chocolate, tv, Peppa flipping Pig and to probably play with the wrapping and box their presents come in. That, we can give them, it won’t be a gift that’ll be wrapped, but that they will get, every year. This year it will accompany a little Lego set, a few books and a big play set.

Next year may be different, because I’m sure our then three year old will have a list. A bastard list filled with every toy or game he ever sees advertised. But a list I can work with, this year it’s a gift guessing game. So I’m guessing that a few things to unwrap will do. The rest will be about the magic of the day and the memories we make.

I mean, last year they didn’t even fit under the tree

4 thoughts on “This Christmas All They Want Is…

  1. A great post! I always think it is us as adults that put the pressure on ourselves with gift buying at Christmas, as you say all little ones really want and need is our time. My eldest is nearly 6 and will write a list but come Christmas morning he will not remember what was on it he is just delighted by what Santa has left for him. Every time one of my friends says ‘oh I didn’t get them this or that’ I ask them if they remember what they got for Christmas at that age, nine times out of ten it is family memories they have rather than memories of ‘stuff.’ x

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    • Thank you! I couldn’t have said it any better. That’s very true that they never remember the gifts but the time with family. We always want to give our children everything they want but once that pressure is taken away, it’s much easier! X


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