One Night, One Action, Can Change The Lives Of Thousands In Seconds

I’m writing this post with a sore head, a snotty nose and a heavy heart.

I haven’t written a post in a while and I had set time aside this weekend to write one. Mumblings about parenting. Moans about the heartbreak and hardship when children are ill, alongside us. The long nights we’ve faced and the tiredness we’ve fought through.

That would have been a fairly pathetic post, in light of the goings on in Paris. The devastating act of a group of people, resulting in deaths, injuries and a widespread fear.

The irony is, that in the midst of our nightly 4 hour waking with a very poorly baby (what would have been this weekends post), I checked my phone. A distraction from rocking the baby and wiping her ever so drippy nose. That was when I saw the news of a terrorist attack in Paris, at around 2am. And what a distraction that was.

Was I reading this right? What was happening? Why was this happening?

I turned to Mr Firstooth, who was sulking, due to a minor dispute about whose turn it was with the baby. I told him what I’d just read and I could see it hadn’t registered with him. It didn’t sink in, that there were terror attacks in Paris. All until the next morning, when he saw it himself on the news. Far more eye-opening to see the devastation than to read about it, or hear about it mid-sulk at 2am.

It then became the main conversation of the day. How it puts things into perspective. How we should appreciate our lives and family, because in a split second, through someone’s act of pure selfishness and without warning, it can all be taken away.

One life lost is an entire family’s heartbreak. An undeserved and brutal loss.

An evening in Paris which couples, friends and families were enjoying and one which was probably looked forward to, not knowing most wouldn’t make it home.

One area left hundreds subject to a horrific shooting and another that instilled fear in hundreds of football fans, once the realisation that, they weren’t fireworks, they were bombs, set in.

It just takes one person to devastate and destroy hundreds of people’s lives and spread sadness across the world, it could be anywhere. ‘This is just the beginning’ it has been said. Where will be next?

If we have learnt anything this year, it’s that nothing should be taken for granted. Each day is a blessing. And in times of such callous killings, the world stands together.

I wish there wasn’t this amount of evil in a world my children are growing up in. Tonight I will hold them a little tighter, say ‘I love you’ more often and keep those who have suffered and their families in my thoughts.


3 thoughts on “One Night, One Action, Can Change The Lives Of Thousands In Seconds

  1. Brilliant post, Lizzie. My thoughts are with those in Paris (and Beirut and Baghdad) who have lost their lives or their family members in terrorist atrocities in the last few days. It makes me so sad that this is the world that I’ve brought my son into- one where there’s so much hate.

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