When Parenting Pushes Beyond The Limits

These last couple of weeks have made me question whether I can successfully fulfil the role of being a parent.

Patience is not my thing, I’ve since discovered after owning two small children. Nor is sleepless nights, early starts and constant crying (whinging is also just as bad – nails on a chalk board).

Although this is all part of the job. Sometimes nothing we can do as parents will make a blind bit of difference to how they sleep and behave. Sometimes it’s just luck of the draw.

There’s no amount of tea or caffeine to make up for the loss of sleep. There’s also no amount of early nights to make up for it, because the baby can sense an early night.

I’ve been close to throwing in the towel in the midst of these unhappy and tiring days. In fact, I did throw in the towel. The towel, some toys, a fish slice.

Once the towel had been thrown it was quickly handed back. Reminding me that my role is full time (over and above the standard working hours) and it’s also permanent.

I must be failing somewhere ‘what am I doing wrong?’ I ask myself and anyone within earshot. Nothing. Getting a grip and accepting this is my life now, is all that is needed.

Riding out the hard days (weeks) for the best days, the best smiles, the best laughs. And reminding ourselves that it all comes good in the end. Especially when the end is an evening in pyjamas, sipping wine.


It’s not their fault, even when you’re convinced they do it on purpose.


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