Toddler Updates #4

Our toddler has been spilling out many new words and phrases. Every day. Language has to be watched intensely around him because he may not say the word straight away, but he will remember it and repeat any questionable words at a later date. Probably in a church.

He has taken to turning what me or his dad are doing into a freestyle rap. For example, I will let him know I’m about to shower and throughout the duration of my shower I will hear:

Mummy’s in the shower, mummy’s in the shower, mummy, shower, mummy, shower, mummy mummy, showeeer, mummy, hair, shower, hair, mummy, hair, mummy, hair, off

When Mr Firstooth declares he is having a shower, he receives the same rap and replaces ‘mummy’ for ‘daddy’.

He also treats us to a running commentary when we are having a ‘wee’. If we have visitors, he will also make sure they know when we are having a wee. Just to be courteous.

His word of the week is ‘horsey’. Anything he can climb and sit on he will scream ‘horsey horsey’. When we visited the farm to see some horseys he informed me they were not horseys, See here for the full story



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