Baby Updates #3

This week our baby has been showing off her walking skills to our families, they are all very impressed, as are we. She has also taken to dancing, a lot. With our son (our first child) he danced, I think, in the womb onwards. Music has very much taken a backseat since our daughter was born so she didn’t have the passion that our son did, although, now she is embracing every piece of music, whether it be a song, a theme tune or me humming. Any musical sounds sends her body into dancing overdrive. This has now forced our son to up his game on his dance moves, how dare we watch her dancing, he’s been doing it for nearly two years!

She now has achieved the art of a fake cry, a skill I detest. Once I am out of sight, the crying stops, I question if I have gone deaf. Until she discovers me, hiding behind the curtains, sure enough, I haven’t gone deaf because seeing me instantly sends her into a tearful frenzy. I’m not sure what to make of it all.

This week we have had to lay many of the childrens books to rest. This is because the baby must have mistaken them for some kind of sandwich. She clearly enjoyed the paper/cardboard sandwiches, as proved during the book massacre, from being gummed and chewed.

Our daughters first words were mumum a few months ago (I’m very openly smug about this since it was the opposite scenario with our son). She now says mumum and holds her arms up to me when she needs to be carried. I love her.



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