The Blogging Interview

I was nomimated by the fabulous Jacy from Mommys Little Coffee Date and Clare from Sons Sand & Sauvignon (thank you both) really down to earth mothers, with some lovely blogging about family life with their little ones, Jacy loves to review and always gives her honest opinion and Clare loves wine, which also makes her brilliant!

How did you get into blogging?

I was originally going to start youtube videos sharing recipes for family cooking. Once I set up a twitter account for such a thing I noticed all of these brilliant blogs. Some had me captured for hours, so instead of going down a vlogging, recipe route, I started blogging instead. I am still wondering whether to go down the vlogging route, possibly not just for cooking, but I am undecided… Watch this space!

What advice would you give to another blogger starting out?

Don’t write what you think people will want to read, to please people I guess. Write your experiences, your days, good and bad. Be true to yourself because it becomes hard to write if you aren’t. I started blogging watching my words, wondering what people will think. Although I do still care what everyone thinks, I am very much myself in my blogs, profanity and all. Since changing my writing style and becoming more honest I have had a so much positive feedback, I find comfort in everyone holding their hands up saying ‘me too’.

How has your blog changed since you started writing it?

I suppose I could have saved my last answer for this question. My theme has changed (and will be changing again soon, maybe) and the honesty in how I write. I tend to write things that other parents can relate to, hopefully something most parents will find entertaining (even if you aren’t a parent I appreciate your readership too). We have lots of lovey dovey moments as a family, so lovey dovey it’s sickening. But I share more of the ‘when shit gets real’ moments.

What would be your dream campaign?

That’s a tough one. Probably Bare Minerals if I had to pick just one. *waves in desperation they notice*

Do you have a plan for your blog

I need to tidy up the website itself, perhaps go self hosted (I’m out of my mind I know, who has time for that?). Sometimes I feel like I need to write more, when I see other bloggers posting around 20 posts a week and I struggle to do 7, I feel like I’m chasing behind everyone. But sometimes we’ve had a fairly boring (but so lovey dovey) week.

What do you think about ratings?

I was obsessed with ratings when I first started, but that’s normal right? Now I’m really chuffed if someone, anyone reads and comments. I found out another bloggers ratings the other day and I was gobsmacked by the amount of visitors, it was considerably more than mine, I will leave it at that!

I would like to nominate,

Life Unexpected

Awesome Austerity

Mumsy Midwife

Inside Martyns Thoughts

All great blogs to read, crafts, activities, life talk, parenting, tips they have it all and they are also very lovely people.

There’s no pressure to do this, I know time is precious, but if you do please let me know so we can compare notes ;D


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