It Always Ends In Tears

We went out yesterday to a castle, a bit out of the ordinary for our usual day out. It was just me and the two children, I felt brave. We had a fabulous day, walking through the grounds, seeing the geese. Our toddler trying to touch the geese which pissed them off immensely. He, on the other hand found their anger hysterical, as I kept swooping him away out of pecking reach.

We wandered down to the castle playground in the hopes that a swing would be free (keeps them contained for a while) but it was full. I thought ”they’ll finish on the swing soon” I also repeated this thought to our toddler. It turns out, they won’t finish on the swing soon. They are quite happy and shameless in their swing hogging, whilst myself and a few other parents hold their children back in desperation. Ten minutes later, ten minutes! Not one parent offered up the swing, that comment isn’t all fair since one of the swing pushers was a child. She was still old enough to know better.

I gave up hope that we had any chance of getting a swing. I was becoming weak from holding back a toddler who just wanted to run at the swing, but would just end up being kicked in the face. I strapped him back into the stroller, as his tantrum would be far more controllable, when he’s strapped in and covered over with a rain cover, fingers in ears ”la la la”. As we are on the other side of the gate a swing becomes free, FUCK.

I pushed the stroller toward the lake, hoping the boat would distract a tantrum.

It didn’t.

I kept repeating the same Empty ThreatΒ ”shall we go home? we will go home!” we won’t go home.

It was a tree that ended up stopping his tantrum, not just any tree, there were plenty around. It was obviously a special, magical tree. That it was, in my eyes anything that stops a tantrum in its tracks is indeed special and magical.

We carried on enjoying our fabulous day. Until it was time to leave. It’s time to go, I explained to the toddler in a positive tone. ”no, no”. He eventually ‘works with me’ and we walk hand in hand towards to exit. At the slowest pace imaginable.

Baby getting distressed and I decide we need to speed things up. The only way to speed up a heel-kicking, feet-dragging toddler is to put him in the stroller and walk at a normal pace.

The threat of the stroller turns him into a plank of wood.

Plank of wood somehow in the stroller, screaming, of course. I make a dash for the exit. Both children crying attracts a lot of attention from passers-by. Now is not the time to make a humorous comment about my children being upset. It won’t be humorous, it will be dangerous.


We can have the best of days, but it will usually end in tears.

Life Unexpected

12 thoughts on “It Always Ends In Tears

    • It stops people in their tracks once a toddler turns into wood. They stare in awe at the struggle of getting them into the bloody stroller, while I’m muttering ffs, but trying to keep a smile


  1. Don’t worry – loads of our trips end up like this – and my two are 7 and 6. Occasionally I’m the one who has the tantrum. And as for the swings, I usually just say “do you mind if my two have a go now” – that usually gets them to look up from their phone and remove swing-hogging offspring. It’s a jungle out there x

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  2. Oh no, I remember the feeling well. There were times when I had all three of my children screaming like that, for no big reason, just because??
    It is sounds like a lovely day apart from the tantrums though. It does get better. x


  3. Oh this has just made me howl with laughter – the torture of the swing hoggers then one becoming free as you left – just so typical! I love that it was a tree that stopped the tantrums, brings a whole new meaning to the phrase tree hugger! #whatevertheweather

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  4. Oh bless. We’ve yet to experience tantrums like these.. Emma does the plank thing as well though but I normally shove a dummy in her mouth which usually diverts her attention and I can strap her in. I’ve seen mums ask for a go on the swings, I’m not sure I would feel brave enough to do that, but it seems to be an ok part of playground etiquette.. x #whatevertheweather

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    • I wish our toddler could be calmed so easily. I don’t think I’m brave enough either I just hope in the background that they leave, but I understand choosing not to, if their little one is bound to be against the idea x

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  5. Oh no, I hate those days, when one thing doesn’t go well, nothing seems to be right! A shame about the swings, I know how hard it is to convince children to come out of them when they don’t want to, but at the same time it’s annoying if someone’s using them the entire time when it’s busy! Our favourite park only has two baby swings, so it can be very frustrating! Hope you’ve had some better days out since?! Love that it was a random magical tree that stopped the tantrum, fabulous!
    Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather πŸ™‚ x

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  6. Oh this sounds so much like us with Evie. Everywhere we go nowadays there are tantrums and tears. It’s so hard isn’t it!! We can’t go anywhere to eat or on any day out with out some form of public meltdown. That’s so bad that they were using the swings for that long, especially if they could see there were lots of people waiting their turn. Thank god for the tree!!! Thank you so much for linking to #whatevertheweather ! xx

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