Empty Threats Of The Day

If you throw that again, I’m not picking it up [whilst picking it up, for another dozen times]

Ok, I mean it now. If that cup is thrown once more, it stays on the floor [baby laughs as she launches it across the table, I just accept this is dinner time, and pick it up]

If you keep slamming that door, there’ll be no TV tonight [he stops momentarily, and continues to slam the door, while I slam my head against the fridge]

‘Peppa” I warned you earlier, no TV [he forgets such an incident, throws himself on the floor until he hears the Peppa soundtrack, suddenly he’s silent]

If you don’t come with us, we will go without you [my feet are in fact, firmly cemented to the ground]

1 more minute on the swing [10 more minutes on the swing]

We can come back to the park later [we don’t come back to the park later, but they get out of the swing easily]

Finish your dinner or there won’t be any pudding [he doesn’t finish his dinner, pudding is served]

He doesn’t finish his pudding and gets a biscuit. I’m weak in the evenings.


All in a days work


5 thoughts on “Empty Threats Of The Day

  1. My other half is the master of the Empty threat.

    The boys now know if I ground them from something they will go to her to get her to get me to give it back.

    Grrr great post. I have to admit I do it myself sometimes. Its too tiring some days.

    Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s the opposite here, I’m bad cop and he’s fuzzy, fun, overly kind good cop. Thank you! Sometimes I little give doesn’t hurt anyone, quite the opposite, thank you!


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