A Lost Bunny [We’ve Named Him Toe]

This morning, after the chaos of breakfast where the toddler wanted toast, no, cheese on toast, no cheese on toast watching Peppa in the lounge! I left the toddler in the lounge while I wiped the porridge off the baby, covering the entirety of her body and then started to rush around preparing lunches for our day out.

I had promised that we would go to a castle today and play in the fantastic castle fort play park. So, in preparation I then needed to do my make-up. I scoured the dining area for a make-up bag and my eyes noticed something moving in the garden. Something bright white and brown. That something was, a rabbit! At first my brain dismissed it, as if I had just seen a bird in the garden, completely normal. Then normality kicked in ‘a rabbit!’ ‘what in the… there’s a rabbit in the garden?’.

True to form my phone had no signal, because in times of need, my phone thinks ah! It’s time for a challenge!’ and then continues to remind me regularly that I have lost network, while I hold myself back from windmilling the phone out of the window. (not the phones fault, more the network I’m on, that sodding pile of crap network).

I had to sneak out of the backdoors so an excitable little boy didn’t follow me out. I took a picture, of course.

Trying to figure out what to do, I came up with no solutions. How on earth did he even get in the garden? We have a fully enclosed garden, so, it must have been an eagle, picked up the rabbit and gifted it to us. Unfortunately, this rabbit belongs to another family. A family that I can imagine is devastated to lose such a gorgeous little bunny, probably assuming the worst.

Our toddler has noticed the bunny and me in the garden. At first he was excited, shut the front door, a rabbit in the garden! Then he was angry, because he was not in the garden.

It’s now the afternoon and we are yet to be able to go door to door and find his owner, but we will shortly. Until then, while the children are sleeping, I will turn into a soppy pet lover and enjoy our last few hours before hopefully he returns to his home.


Our toddler has named him ‘Toe’, I will update on Toes progress.


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