You Deserve To Feel Fabulous

Whether you’re a mother, grandmother, pregnant and everything in-between, you deserve to feel fabulous. Every day.

It’s so easy to slip into the daily routine and forget about yourself. It’s understandable, that you have to put someone else before yourself, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to put yourself first on occasions. In fact, this means you’re more deserving to feel fabulous.

If you’re a mum, you can spend a lot of days stressed, covered in a variety of foods and sick stains, throwing on any clothes because you struggle to find the time to ‘match and accessorise’, I don’t think I even have ‘accessories’ anymore. Some days I think what’s the point?

If you’re pregnant, you find yourself growing, no longer fitting in to your favourite pieces of clothing, noticing your body change. Sometimes you can look in the mirror thinking, you know you’re in there somewhere, causing you to feel like you’re losing your identity.

If you’re feeling a bit low and consumed in your daily life, use this as the reason to feel fabulous. Your children, grandchildren, partner, all deserve you to feel your best. The person who mostly needs you to feel your best, is you. When you’re feeling fabulous, this will reflect in your outlook on the daily grind. You’ll feel positive and calm about things that would usually chip away at your patience.

Feeling good about yourself fills you with a sense of self-confidence. Confidence shines through a person, other people really can notice a confident woman and you deserve to be that woman.

Whatever it is that makes you feel fabulous, do it, make it part of your daily-life. Whether it’s wearing gorgeous outfits, putting on your make-up, having your hair styled and gorgeous or all three! It’s your armour.

I know, these things all take time. You need to find the time, it’ll eventually become part of your daily routine and fit in with your daily life, without you even realising. My best advice for a parent is either get up slightly earlier than your children would, (or if you’ve had a rough night due to a reckless child refusing to sleep) plant the children in front of food or a TV for half an hour, be present in the room but focus on yourself, whilst their focused on other things.

If you’re pregnant (and currently have no other children) or even if you aren’t, make this the first thing you do in the morning. Start your day as you mean to go on, by feeling fabulous!


All women deserve to feel their best at all times, whatever our armour is.


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