Funny Toddler Updates – Week Two

We are getting much closer to our first borns, second birthday. Any gift ideas for a two year old are very welcome… I’m thinking something Peppa Pig related.

Here are the latest weekly updates from our toddler:

  1. Just yesterday he learnt the word stories before bed, to him they’re known as ‘stoys’ and five ‘stoys’ later he still wouldn’t go to bed. One ‘stoy’ was Monsters Inc and apparently, Randall (the gangly, not very nice monster) is a ‘horsie’
  2. We occasionally call him Mike, I’m not sure why, but today he also referred to himself as ‘Mike’. So I think we best stop that
  3. He’s learnt to say ‘noise’, he will say ‘noisy, noise’ each time his sister is upset, he will also continue to stick his fingers in his ears and do a little dance
  4. If his sister wants to play and she dares stand in front of him whilst Peppa Pig or some other 2D cartoon is on, he will grasp her shoulders and position her to his side (then refer to point 3 again, as this upsets her)
  5. He can now not only say toast (which he’s been saying for quite a while) but beans too. So, the other morning when I asked what would you like for breakfast, instead of the usual ‘cake and cheese’, he said ‘piss, pissy piss… toast’ i.e. ‘beans on toast’
  6. A fish is also a ‘bish’



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