An Evening To Myself [Once The Children Were In Bed]

This afternoon I received the usual phone call from Mr Firstooth asking if all was ok, in his anxious tone, only it didn’t turn out to be a ‘normal’ call, because the git accepted an evening job. I played it down, pretending I was cool about it, when inside I wasn’t cool, I was screaming ‘noo’. My calmness surprised him, so he asked if I was OK. I chuckled, thinking, no, no, I’m not ok, but with a fake smile on my face (which he couldn’t see) I said ‘yes’.

I then received another call saying the evening job had been cancelled *cheers*. Then a third call to say ‘jobs back on’. What a bastard.

We were meant to be getting a takeaway, as it is Friday after-all. So I eat two packets of Wotsits while I pondered over what to do the children and myself for dinner. Luckily our freezer is stocked up with lots of different meals I’ve previously cooked and frozen for such an occasion.

The toddler had meatballs (which he would eat and spit out, after every mouthful) and the baby had chilli.

I was surprised at the amount I managed to get done, I usually save the bulk load of chores for when Mr F gets home, not so he can do it, but so it’s a joint effort and I can focus more on the children and googling ‘stuff’.

We listened to ‘Push the feeling on’ quite a few times, then all the chart songs (without swearing, which can be a bugger to find). All very loud and we were all very dancey. While the music was on I hoovered, mopped, loaded the dishwasher, loaded the washing machine, cleaned all the surfaces and even did a little dusting. Supermum I-am-not, but this evening I did her proud. Oh, I forgot to mention sterilising the bottles and filling them up etc, most mums can appreciate this is quite a time-consuming job. Anyway, enough bragging.

So far, we had no tears. Well, a few from the baby and a little protest from the toddler when I asked him to stop pushing and kicking his sister, when she tried to eat his toes, but none from me *high five*.

Unlike last week when I was left alone with the children for an evening (and had a major meltdown), I decided I would get them bathed. I did cheat by bathing them and putting them to bed individually (but did I mention all the housework I’d just done?). Baby first since she was getting very emotional, then the toddler, which woke the baby up.

Once the toddler was settled, I rushed back into the baby and the second I picked her up, she vomited everywhere. Fantastic. She had her pudding a little too close to bedtime which is a common mistake of ours. Sheets changed, baby re-dressed, some more milk as a good-will gesture. She still wouldn’t settle. Brought her downstairs to watch Mickey Mouse and still no joy. I came to the conclusion this was pure tiredness, if milk and Mickey Mouse can’t solve it then nothing will. I laid her in her cot and after a few tears, she eventually drifted off to sleep.

I then couldn’t decide what to make myself for dinner. We only really had dried goods. But we did have a cheesecake. Cheesecake it was. I had already loaded the dishwasher, anything else would have created more to load tomorrow. So something from a box was much more appealing! I eat that while I watched marathon episodes of trashy TV. It was heaven.

Well, he will shortly be arriving home. So I best hide under the bed and grab his ankles when he sits down. Like all other grown-ups would do.


8 thoughts on “An Evening To Myself [Once The Children Were In Bed]

  1. What is it about having your other half home that makes you just breathe a sigh of relief after a full day with the kids. When Danny goes out I feel like my day rolls into the next (Although thinking about it this is everyday regardless lol )

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  2. I love this as I get it completely! At the moment Craig works nights and me days so we’re like passing ships in the night so it’s nice when we do get time together but I must admit I love coming home at 7pm, he’s already at work, having an hour or so with Mia and then it’s me time! Which usually leads to blogging hehe x

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    • I do enjoy some time to myself but I think he’s cops out by working, only because it’s daunting doing it by myself. That must be really hard to not have time together regularly but it’ll make the time you do have a little sweeter and I can imagine you’d be less likely to have a ‘tiff’ too x

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