Things A Toddler Gets Stuck In

Our toddler learnt a while ago how to say ‘stuck’ and the meaning of the word. This word is slowly creeping into our lives on an hourly basis. He will say this – ‘stuck, stuck, STUCK, STUUCK!’ every time he’s ‘stuck’. Here’s what he found himself stuck in/on today (followed by the previous ‘I’M STUCK’ cry)

  • In his cot – he wasn’t stuck, he just wanted to get up
  • In his nappy – it needed changing
  • In his highchair – he climbs into his highchair, straps himself in and instantly screams. I unstrap him, put him on the floor and we repeat this quite a few times before I deny all knowledge
  • On his see-saw – again, not stuck
  • Puts a clippy toy on his finger – still not stuck
  • Trying to pull the throw off the armchair – ok, kind of stuck
  • In his car seat – it’s a necessary evil
  • In his stroller – technically he could have walked, but he didn’t want to, so there was no third option here
  • In his clothes – once we’re home he has an obsession to be naked
  • Under the bed – ‘lol’


STUCK in my arms

What’s your childs ‘word of the week’?


2 thoughts on “Things A Toddler Gets Stuck In

  1. It’s so cute when they started to learn to say word/s. My little man suddenly said to us at dinner time, I’m now going to eat my meat coz I have a change of part” me and his dad just burst into laughter coz I think he mispronounced heart into part, lol. In a few months time, your little boy will be uttering more words too, some cute, funny and even bad ones, lol. Great post!

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