BareMinerals BareSkin Foundation

PhotoGrid_1438972684510I’ve always been a regular user of BareMinerals along with other brands of make-up that suit sensitive skin. Along with sensitive skin I used to suffer with acne [see here how to reduce acne scars] and I occasionally get breakouts even now (you really don’t grow out of it) so good quality make-up has always been extremely important to me and my skin. I was recommended BareMinerals many years ago by a dermatologist, no less, so of course I had to try it out!

After purchasing their ‘starter kit’ and trialling the make-up, I have since always had BareMinerals of some sort in my make-up bag.

I noticed a while ago their new type of foundation called BareSkin and thoughtwhat, not powder?‘. I have a dabble in liquid foundation here and there, but it’s not often I find something that suits my skin or my skin-tone without it looking ‘cakey’.

I took a bottle of BareSkin foundation home with me to try and instantly I was impressed. It blended in with my skin flawlessly (I have a very pale face, so finding the right match is a struggle). The liquid itself isn’t as thick as most foundations, which made it extremely easy to apply, however, this made me wonder if it would cause oiliness on my skin. Due to how light the liquid foundation is, it can be blended and layered so the coverage becomes what you require. You could opt for a light layer, if you’re nipping to the shops. You could also opt to layer the make-up slightly more than normal, if you have a dreaded spot looming or you are off to an event. About my worry of oiliness, I needn’t have worried! My skin was ‘glowing’ and it continues to glow throughout the day, no sign of oiliness or make-up slip here! I do of course pop a finishing powder over my make-up, in the hopes of preventing any make-up slip.


BareSkin also doesn’t leave a trail in the creases of your skin. My creases are around my eyes, many liquid foundations leave thin lines in my ‘wrinkles’, well, in the creases around my eyes when I smile. Thankfully, BareSkin doesn’t do this, so I’m not having to touch up my make-up throughout the day.

I have combination skin, with the occasional ‘breakout’ I would recommend this product for similar skin types. It really does feel like Bare Skin, you wouldn’t know you were wearing make-up and that’s something all of us ladies love to achieve!



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