Funny Baby Updates – Week One

To go along with our funny toddler updates, it’s only right that our baby gets an update too. Again, for any potential boyfriend and for us to look back on and remember ‘oh, yes!’. She’s 9 months, so it won’t be long before her updates are from toddlerhood too.

  1. Growling while she eats and at other people, especially in public
  2. Always having a dump in the car, even if she has just been
  3. Crying at me constantly when she wants to be picked up, then happily chatting to herself and playing the second she can’t see me. Proof babies are crafty
  4. Bouncing every time she stands and being genuinely pleased while she does
  5. She’s learnt to scream, not just while she’s upset but when she’s happy to, again, this is mostly in public
  6. Finishing her lunch before her brother, then taking his sandwich and inhaling that too
  7. Refusing to wear a bib ever and wearing her dinner instead
  8. Taking her first steps and falling every time I try to take a photo, it will take a while but I will capture this!



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