You Will Never Be Loved More Than You Are Now

I saw a post the other day, of a family, of course, looking happy and loving. The caption read ‘you will never be loved more than now’. I’m sorry, I can’t remember who posted this picture or where I saw it but I have been thinking about it ever since.

Right now we are the most important people in our childrens lives, we are also the people who win their love over and above anyone else. That’s an amazing feeling and one that I cherish. But sure enough they are growing, getting older and will one day start school. At school they will make many friends and they will eventually find themselves a partner (once school is over and out I hope!). This partner will then start ranking higher and higher up their love list and eventually myself and Mr Firstooth will be a close second, then a close third once they have children.

I will never wish it to be any other way. They will always be my number one, always. Their partner should be their number one because this person will be the parent of their children, our grandchildren. That’s the natural way we grow. Mine and Mr Firstooths parents were once our number ones, then life happened and we have our own family who is now our priority.

Now really does count. Treasure every second that they need you and every second that they love you more than anyone or anything (even Teddy or Peppa Pig) because these days aren’t forever. ‘Now’ is when you are loved the most. I know we have many more years before our children really start to grow up, but that picture has been etched in my mind.


‘You will never be loved more than you are now’


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