11 Reasons To Have Children Extremely Close Together

  1. Those free minutes on your phone plan will finally be used on a regular basis. Due to phoning family and friends begging them to come round because you’re ‘just not cut out for this shit’ and questioning the decision to have two practically a year apart.
  2. You’ll never be at risk of scolding, due to a hot drink. Because you will no longer have the luxury of a hot drink, you will learn to love hot drinks, being cold. Or you will at least tolerate it.
  3. You’ll discover wine in a way you’ve never seen it before. It really will take the edge off any bad day. That and an amount of sippy cup throwing.
  4. You’ll be able to watch daddy go to pieces (like you do regularly) when he is inΒ full control for a day. Taking care of the children all day is easy is it? *sarcastically laughing* ‘Why don’t you have them Saturday while I nip out to the shops then’ (for a good 6 hours)
  5. You’ll learn to cope on little or no sleep (I’m lying you won’t, but you will survive)
  6. You’ll never have to wait for a ‘full load’ of washing. Because everyday after numerous sick scenarios and meals that end up covering every person in the house (and the wall and the cat) you will always have a ‘full load’, how bloody practical.
  7. You get to watch people want to ask the question of ‘were they planned?’ but feel uncomfortable to take the leap and ask, every time you say their ages. Instead they will say ‘wow, that’s close’ or ‘you must have your hands full’ no shit.
  8. An excuse to not exercise for around three years. You’re either carrying a baby or recovering from a birth, carrying another baby and recovering again. It’s much easier to eat everything in the house and watch any ‘real housewives’ series while they’re napping.
  9. You will no longer care about what people think. You have no time to dwell on what people are thinking as you’re chasing after you’re toddler up the wine aisle, screaming his name, after he’s just knocked down an entire tower of cereal boxes, yes, this happened in Tesco.
  10. You will be out of the hard part of baby-hood, before the majority of people you know have another child. When other mums are explaining how many times they got up last night or the nappy they just changed, that leaked through every single layer of clothing, you can sit back, sigh, and feel slightly smug that you have been there and you’ve done it.
  11. You will be teaching your eldest baby valuable life lessons. Like, how to take the battery out of every single toy and say ‘sorry darling, they’re all broken’ or how to pretend you can’t hear anything when both children are crying in the car *rolls down window and turns up music to drown out noise keep everyone calm*


My bonus point is that through all the tough times and the tears (not to mention nappy mountain) they are a blessing and to top it off, when the baby isn’t biting and the toddler isn’t pushing (or using the baby as a ride-on toy) they are best friends. We love them so very much.

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35 thoughts on “11 Reasons To Have Children Extremely Close Together

    • It is crazy because the child you have now is tiny to you and when you have a teeny tiny baby again they make your first look huge and almost grown up. It’s great fun having a smaller age gap and no matter how young the first is, they always ‘help’ in their special way


  1. Mine are twelve months apart and I nodded all the way through this post. I loved especially people saying ‘that must be hard work.’ Er yes. And the amount of people who asked if my daughter was planned – amazing. ‘Please do let me tell you all about my family planning and birth control. ALL about it.’ Great post.

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    • HAHA! Thank you for reading! The age gap does cause some questionable looks, I can see people think it and skirt around the question. If you’re always planning on having a second I wouldn’t say it was ever an ‘accident’. But yes, it’s bloody hard work! πŸ˜€


  2. Yup I pretty much agree 100%! My middle two are 15 mo apart….I am asked more times than not “Are they twins?!?” I swear twins would have been easier than them but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world! #wineandboobs

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  3. I wanted a 3 year age gap. I got a less than 2 year age gap…. It’s fun and in 5 years when I’m 30 and normal baby having age I will have a huge age gap. ( yes I do plan to start all over again with a third after I’m half way done with these 2 😜)

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  4. haha mine have a slightly bigger gap, 22 months and 26 months, but I had 3 under 5 and I can relate to so many of those points. It drives me insane when people comment on my having my hands full… really what makes you say that?! I also got lots of comments in my third pregnancy about if it was planned, afterall I had a boy and a girl why would I want another. x


  5. I’m sure we will reap the benefits when they are older, I tell myself. (We have a 25 month age gap, which I had previously considered brave, but hats off to you!) And oh! The washing! Will it never end?
    x Alice

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    • I tell myself that too! The washing definitely grows and much as they do! No matter what age gap it’s all equally tough but like you say we will reap the rewards when they’re older πŸ˜ƒ x

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  6. Haha, love it! I have a 17 month gap between my boys which isn’t as close as some but is still reasonably close! One bonus is that as they get older and their size gap is closing they can share nappies and clothes and socks when desperate! And when they are teenagers they can watch out for one another (hopefully!) In between fighting over the same girls potentially … eek!. #TheList

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    • There are some very practical positives of a small age gap. It won’t be long before mine are sharing nappies (clean of course). Boys always have strong bonds πŸ˜ƒ oh god they’ll be teens one day!


  7. Oh this is gold and really takes me back! My oldest two are 1 year and 10 days apart-they are teenagers now who sleep all day so every cloud… πŸ˜‰

    Stepping in for Hannah this week and thanking you for linking up to #thelist x

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  8. I only know the extremes. My sister and I are a decade apart. My twins are 2 minutes apart. I suspect there’s a middle ground in there somewhere. Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday!

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