MAM Anti-Colic Self-Sterilising Milk Bottles


With our first child we originally started using different bottles and he didn’t seem to get on with them. He didn’t consume much milk and sucked the teat in an unusual way. We were then recommended MAM bottles as a high percentage (94%) of babies take to their teats instantly. So I popped a couple in my basket the next time we went shopping. I get strangely excited by things like this, anything new for the children I can’t wait to try out.

I cleaned and sterilised the bottles (we bought the version that can be sterilised in the microwave) filled them with milk and put them to the test. Our son took to them instantly and they fit perfectly into his tiny mouth, I was so pleased! The relief that came across me when he started to finish his milk was lovely, he hadn’t finished a full bottle of milk until now and of course, I kept being told by various people not to worry he will be fine, which is easy to say until it’s your own child.


The bottles themselves are brilliant for me as a parent and here’s why:

  • Self-sterilising in the microwave. No more bulky sterilisers kicking about in the kitchen, high five! This also means you don’t need to waste time using the normal steriliser for one or two bottles. 1 bottle takes 3 minutes to sterilise and 1 minute extra for any subsequent bottles (4 bottles = 6 minutes). No parent has time to waste so this is perfect
  • They’re very quick to wash and sterilise which means you’re able to do this in you family or friends’ homes (provided they have a microwave) always handy when we have a playdate or are visiting family!
  • The parts of the bottle all come apart so you can be sure it’s fully cleaned, there are no parts of the bottle which are hard to reach with a bottle brush
  • They come in fun colours and different gorgeous patterns, so of course we have a wide variation of all
  • They’re designed to help reduce colic from a really clever vent system. Our children suffered with colic, reflux and a milk allergy so at least that was one problem we could knock on the head!
  • The teats are really easy to change once your baby needs the next size up
  • The lid is a small measuring cup which is extremely handy when measuring the 20ml for sterilisation

It’s safe to say, after we discovered MAM bottles we didn’t look back. Once our daughter arrived we stocked up on pink and purple and she’s always been a brilliant milk guzzler.


Overall they are a very baby and parent friendly bottle. I would recommend this bottle to any parent or parent-to-be.


2 thoughts on “MAM Anti-Colic Self-Sterilising Milk Bottles

  1. Oh my gosh finding the right bottle and sippy cups really sucks. With my daughter we started out with Playtex Drop-ins then moved on to Nuk Orthopedics when she was about 3 months and liners became to expensive for the drop-ins. With my son he has only ever used Tommee Tippee but now that he is starting to move on to sippy cups we are having the problem of finding what he actually uses best Started out with the cheapo soft spouts that where just a bit too leak proof, moved on the the actual brand name soft spouts that weren’t leak proof enough, and now we are at hard spouts because he chews right through the soft spouts we have left but some of them are pretty difficult for him to get anything out of too. But i totally understand the new product excitement, i get it too! I love trying new things! Except when it starts to cost way too much. haha

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    • Yes! The cost certainly adds up, especially when trialling new things! For our toddler we use a non-drip bottle with a straw that folds up and down, by far his favourite one. It’s such a relief when you find something that works!

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