MAM Products – Sippy Cup, Cutlery Set, Snack Bowl, Teether

Items for review:

  • 190ml Sippy Cup
  • Cutlery Set (knife, fork and spoon)
  • Snack/Food Bowl (with divider and lid)
  • Bob The Turtle Teether

We’ve put all of the above items to the test for a week. They’ve survived a week of being sucked, chewed and drooled on and are here to tell the tale (or I will on their behalf).



Results After Dishwasher Use

They all cleaned up extremely well in the dishwasher (apart from Bob, he’s natural rubber, so it’s hand-wipe only for him). We eat a lot of tomato and carrot based meals, which are known to discolour other products when they’re washed together, this wasn’t the case with the MAM products. They are just as bright and clear as they were before their numerous dishwasher cycles. Being dishwasher friendly is also a bonus in my book!

Staining After Use With Saucy Foods

We have plenty of childrens cutlery that didn’t survive the staining test when used with saucy foods and have inevitably ended up in the bin. The MAM cutlery set were used daily, my son used the knife and fork (mainly fork) and my daughter used the spoon. So, all pieces of cutlery were used in many different dishes and meals, in thick and stainable sauces. One week later and there isn’t the slightest hint of staining!

The Snack Bowl was used mainly for lunches and snacks (of course). I did fill it with beans twice and no staining again! So, if you’re a parent like me who has a gripe with stained bowls and utensils then you can be confident you won’t with MAM.


The bowl, bottle and cutlery set were dropped on numerous occasions without resulting in a scratch or a shatter. They weren’t dropped for the sake of the review, only when small hands grasped and threw.


Bob the Turtle Teether has been drooled on, gnawed at and washed. The rubber isn’t splitting and he still has plenty of chewing life left in him!


Bob The Turtle has taken ‘teethers’ up a notch on looks. We received a Purple one (there is also Max the Frog in green and Lucy the Snail in red) the three different latex teethers are individually appropriate for different ages. It’s a very cute and unique design, far trendier than many others on the market. To us it’s just a teether, but to them it’s ‘Bob the Turtle’ who helps relieve their teething pain.

The cutlery set is simple yet stylish with a two-tone green design. There is also blue and pink available but we chose green to keep it neutral for both children.


The bowl and lid also has a simple, yet stylish design with a two-toned colouring. We even had positive comments from friends on the bowl!

The sippy cup has a very sleek design with a lovely picture of a cat on the front. It’s very attractive and feminine. There is a blue version with a hippo and a neutral yellow, which features a fox, all adorable designs.


Positives of All

Bob The Turtle

  • It’s a very cute design for babies
  • 100% Natural rubber which means it’s completely safe to be sucked and chewed, also making it soft but firm, perfect for teething niggles
  • The donut shape makes it easy for babies to hold
  • Different textures across the surface with plenty of gum-massaging bumps for babies to gnaw on


Cutlery Set

  • The chunky handles make it easy for small hands to grip
  • The sets come with knife, fork and spoon which is perfect to learn the skills of chopping, cutting and feeding themselves as they grow

Snack Bowl

  • Can be used for snacks or meals
  • I’m a big fan of bowls and plates with dividers, this separates the beans from the toast, the sandwich from the fruit and any other meal combination you can think of
  • The bowl comes with a lid making it extremely travel friendly and also helps keep the food fresh
  • The bowl itself is deep so I was able to pack a whole sandwich, chopped apple and portion of grapes on our outing, perfect size!

Sippy Cup

  • All sippy cup designs are attractive and sweet for children
  • There is a removable non-drip spout so you can choose non-drip (perfect for the nappy bag or free-range children) or you can choose to have the cup free-flowing which means the cup doesn’t become useless when your baby needs a faster flow (and you’ll still have the option of non-drip should you still need it)
  • It’s designed to be easily gripped by babies and children and there are also accessories you can purchase for these cups, such as handles and spouts


Negatives of Two

Bob The Turtle

  • Can’t be washed thoroughly at the risk of ruining the rubber, so an anti-bacterial wipe or a damp cloth, followed by drying will have to do the trick

Sippy Cup

  • The non-drip spout took a bit of getting used to by our baby because the ‘non-drip’ works so well. It did help her learn to sip a bit harder, which isn’t a negative!

Overall I’m very impressed with all of the above MAM products. We have always been loyal MAM users due to their products being so well made, child friendly and adult friendly. Our children are also big fans, especially our baby of Bob the Turtle!



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