Pictures: What You See vs The Reality

  1. PhotoGrid_1437378558969 (2)A family sitting closely together, all looking into the camera. This photo makes me wonder ‘why can’t we ever have a family photo’. Why can’t we all be looking at the camera, with big loving smiles. Just once. The fact is, we have very young children who find the thought of a camera very, very dull. Why would they want to look at it. [The Reality Of The Picture] Don’t worry this family we’re wishing was ours, has a secret they don’t want their social media friends to see. They secretly paid a stranger to not only take the picture but shout ‘ROAR, I’m a dinosaur!‘ In the hopes their children will smile, maybe even laugh, or just look in that general direction.
  2. A selfie of a mum looking gorgeous. I occasionally take a selfie, not necessarily to put on Instagram for all to see but because sometimes, my hair isn’t a mess, my make-up is ‘on fleek’ *chuckles*, my eyes aren’t bloodshot and I’ve managed to hide those bags drooping half way down my face. Other mum selfies make me think ‘wow, how does she manage to look so perfect, while holding down a job and three children?‘ I can barely manage two. [The Reality Of The Picture] Look closer and in a reflection of a mirror or in the background, you’ll see the toddler drawing on the wall. *calls for eyes in back of head* It’s rare for selfies to go below the neckline. When you’re a mum, this is because you have a 3 day old sick stain on your cardigan, but you really don’t give a shit. You also have a stain on your top from those food jars (full of stain, not food) that you swore you would never feed your baby. You also have evidence attached to your jeans that you’ve cheated on your ‘diet’, this is in the form of chocolate, melted onto your thigh.
  3. APhotoGrid_1437378669817 (2) picture of your baby with a huge two-toothed grin. I love pictures of smiling babies. Babies smile with ease when it comes to photos. Toddlers are hard work. You have to be swift with your picture-taking in the hopes of catching your toddler smiling. Mums are all addicts at taking pictures of their children (dads too) we don’t want to miss a thing! A single thing. Including their first big bogey. [The Reality Of The Picture] The baby has cried for a solid hour, until you trip on that sodding cable you keep meaning to put away. Big smile *grabs camera*. Sure, she’s cried all morning, but she’s smiling now. That’s how I want everyone to think of her.
  4. A blurry photo which celebrates your childs ‘first steps’ [The Reality Of The Picture] Their ‘first steps’ we’re in all honesty, nearly a week ago. But by the time your camera has decided whether it wants to load, or not. They’ve fallen down. *throws phone against wall*.
  5. A photo of a very healthy lunch. Consisting of salad leaves, cucumber, avocado, onion and there’s normally a boiled egg thrown in there somewhere. Caption usually reads ‘going green’ or ‘delicious healthy lunch’. Whoever says something like that is ‘delicious’ has just proved they are capable of lying. [The Reality Of The Picture] This salad is either put back in the fridge and thrown away at a later date, while you eat some soup and bread. Or the salad is eaten and you feel hunger shortly after, cue fishfinger sandwich.
  6. A pregnancy photo to capture your bump moment, to show off how proud you are of the baby you’re growing. [The Reality Of The Picture] You’re sweating, you’re tired, your thighs are chafing and you need cereal RIGHT NOW! You may have just peed yourself too, when you sneezed. This happens, so I hear.
  7. PhotoGrid_1437507483254Your morning cup of tea in your favourite mug. [The Reality Of The Picture] This one, for me, is to let everyone know YES, I’m not shitting you, 3h does mean three hours ago, making it 5am!
  8. A quick evening snap of a full glass of wine, set in front of a vase of flowers or something pretty [The Reality Of The Picture] This is not your first glass now, lets be honest. You also took this photo before 6pm, which means you broke your ‘wine after 6‘ rule. But you posted the photo at 7pm so you seem like you ‘have it together’. PS it’s also a Tuesday, you broke another rule of ‘only one glass mid-week’. But you deserve it, good for you.

The power of social media amazes me. We always see photos of happy families, loved up couples and other ‘perfect’ life moments. That’s then how we think of them. We don’t want to share those stressful and upsetting moments, just as much as we don’t want to see them. We want to share the smiles, laughs and happy times. But if you see a photo of any of the above, you know what’s really going on.


Above is an example of a toddler resisting ‘smile for the camera’

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19 thoughts on “Pictures: What You See vs The Reality

  1. This is funny, and so true 🙂 my phone is full to bursting with pictures so I can capture ‘the one’ and I do think if you persevere you will get a great snap. But yes, you do require eyes in the back of your head to see what the other child is getting up to!! Have you seen the hashtag #WomenIRL on Instagram? It stands for Women In Real Life and has some very funny un-filtered, un-polished pictures of real life, not Instagram perfection. I love it. Becky x bestandworst

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  2. We just had our nephew over and getting three children of different ages to have a photo together was impossible…though we could manage on with at least one if them crying, one smiling, then the other stealing on of the others toys whilst they were distracted.
    The whole picture reality vs what’s captured kind of makes me dislike the whole Pinterest thing. I can see through Instagram and Facebook but I’m still working on the reality side of the magnificent crafts people manage to do in naptime.
    I like a good photo with comedy caption, then it gives it a bit of modesty.

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    • I agree! And I don’t understand pinterest, I’m in the minority. Youll look back on those photos one day and laugh, you’ll also show them to any future boyfriend or girlfriend, and laugh some more 😂


  3. Haha this is a truly brilliant post, I am guilty of all of these things and the toddler thing is THE worse, I’m always trying to raise a smile from Alfie and it’s so hard! Thanks for linking a great post up with the #bestandworst 🙂

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  4. Love this, it’s so true. We all like to present this perfect, edited version of our lives, yet we still think that everyone else has these perfect lives where they look amazing all the time, doing great stuff with their well-behaved, smiling children!

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