Why Sudocrem Care And Protect Is A Must Have

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would like to try Sudocrem Care and Protect. I replied, yes! Our baby occasionally gets nappy rash, especially when she’s teething and I’ve not yet found a breakthrough that helps.

Nappy rash seems to come up in different ways. When our baby is teething, her nappy rash comes up in red spots across her bum. I can only imagine this must be uncomfortable for her.

I had been using the usual Sudocrem to prevent any infection and to create a barrier between her nappy and skin. I’m not sure if it did what I’d hoped but it certainly didn’t clear the rash.

I wanted to properly test the new Sudocrem Care and Protect before writing a review. I didn’t want to jump in straight away and say it’s amazing, just because someone has been kind enough to send it to me for a trial.

So it’s been around three weeks of testing and I’d like to think that’s long enough for a fair and honest review. Well, it is amazing. After a few days the little spots on her bum started to fade. After just over a week, completely gone! I wasn’t sure what to expect from the cream but I didn’t expect, what I can only describe as ‘a miracle’. In all honesty, I only used it at night too (my toddler likes tubes of things so he would disappear with it and reappear without it) that just proved to me how effective it really is.

PhotoGrid_1437379790092The consistency is much different to the usual Sudocrem we all know. I much prefer it. It’s similar to a gel and absorbs brilliantly into skin. The texture makes it a lot less messy, we would normally end up with white cream smeared over their towels but not with Sudocrem Care and Protect. The cap on the tube makes nappy changing and ointment applying much easier. You can flick it up with you thumb, squirt a tiny amount on the babys bum (tiny is enough), drop the tube and rub in the cream. All while you’re holding you’re babys legs in the air with the other hand.

This cream, by far, is the most effective nappy-rash cream I’ve used and I’ve tested quite a few (a ton) while our baby suffered with nappy rash.

I’m really grateful to have finally found something that works. I probably wouldn’t have bought it myself, thinking it’d be the same as the normal tub of Sudocrem, but in a tube. It’s much more than that, a very different type of cream and extremely effective. A small amount goes a long way, so I can’t see us needing to buy another tube any time soon. Once we run out though, we will be using Sudocrem Care and Protect from now on.

I would really recommend anyone with young children to try this. I’m sure you’ll love this too, so will your childrens bums!


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