‘Stuck’ In The House All Day

I don’t know how to stay in the house all day without losing my sanity or my shit. I’ve not often ventured out of the house these past few months, this was down to choice. I chose to stay in the house, all day, most days. What a stupid choice. My excuses for this were naps, lunches and having things to do. What a load of rubbish. Truth be told, I chose to stay in because I didn’t know where to take them, what to do and I’m just so bloody exhausted.

I couldn’t be bothered to take them out, thinking how much more difficult it would be with a toddler sticking gravel up his nose and a baby who won’t stop crying. Ever. But Jesus Christ it’s a nightmare to be stuck inside with them all day. What do we do? What. Do. We Do?! Other than suffer through countless episodes of Peppa Pig, whilst I claw my own eyes out. Or attempt a crafting session. No-one wins during this. The toddler tries to eat the glue ‘It’s not yoghurt, darling’ and he doesn’t do it right. Crafting times is more me making something, while the toddler watches. And gets annoyed. Boring. Then there’s the baby. How do you entertain a baby indoors? Books, toys, blocks, cups. Not my baby. She would rather chew the shoes and fulfil her mission of climbing Mount Sofa. Stop her from doing these and there is suffering. A cry, an ear piercing one, that can be heard streets away.

Staying in all day is also boring. Don’t get me wrong, my children aren’t boring. In fact, they’re bloody hilarious! But stuck inside the same four walls all day, is boring. They find it boring. Which is why the toddler will ‘misbehave‘ when really he’s just finding something to do. But climbing onto the toilet to reach the tap in the sink, running the water so it overflows and then throwing the soap all over the floor, that’s not something to do. That’s a ‘mummy is about to freak out’ situation, right there. In fact it’s more like ‘mummy is about to go effin crazy and cry’ situation. The cute bundle of baby we have also goes stir crazy. The hardest part for me is, when they cry or whinge, it’s at the same time. Or sometimes they are kind enough to take it in turns, this is then a continuous upset for the whole day. Brilliant.

IMG_20150708_161415So I’ve spent months, almost every day having a mini breakdown, fingers in ears, hiding and crying. Perfectly normal right? Well lately I’ve just thought ‘sod this’ I’m not putting up with this everyday. I’ve got to explore, get out, see what’s in our new area. Screw naptimes and lunch can always be sandwiches, so it’s portable. So that’s what we’ve done. We’ve been out everyday, playgroups, local farms, picnics in parks and the beach. It’s been bloody amazing. I feel free. As free as you can feel with two very dependable children. Tears are now a rarity. (not really we still suffer in the evenings *bangs head against wall). The children are more entertained, the days go quicker. I’m not wishing my days away with them but those long drawn out days are challenging bordering on mission impossible for survival. Shit, really shit. I’m not cut out for it!

I’ve put my awful excuses to the side and even if we only go out for a few hours, it beats sitting in, with my head in my hands, waiting for daddys arrival 8 hours away. Now I’ve realised how horrific our buggy truly is, so we’re having to ditch it in the hopes that a stroller will be easier. So our new-found outdoorsiness is costing a big outlay (cue over-time from Mr Firstooth, tee-hee) but it’s worth it! Mr Firstooth hasn’t had a ‘please come home, I’m losing my mind’ call in a while. A week. I can’t lie, he still had that call a week ago. Just for old times sake.

In conclusion, if you can’t cope with being indoors all day. Go out. You will thank yourself for it. So will your children. Everybody wins, high five!



15 thoughts on “‘Stuck’ In The House All Day

  1. I’m terrified to leave the house with both the kids. My toddler is an epic destroyer and the baby never stops crying. I applaud your bravery!

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  2. Snap! Days when it I pissing with rain I’m ready to throw in the towel. But I try to get out, even with double buggy and suitcase for a changing bag lol. Some days I wish I hadn’t bothered but mostly it pays off.

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    • When it’s raining we stick with playgroups and play centres but our toddler does a Peppa and loves jumping in muddy puddles! Staying in and going out are both testing, but you may be on to a winner when you’re out!

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  3. I feel like getting out of the house makes me feel like I’ve accomplished *something*, even if the something is “we went to the post office and then pointed at a squirrel”. House usually still a tip, clothes still unwashed and kitchen a toxic waste area, but hey WE WENT OUT!

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  4. I really need to start going out more but my anxiety gets the better of me – you can guarantee that as soon as I think I’m getting ovr it, something else will happen to put me back to square one. We have lovely days when we do go out… I’m going to have to learn to drive, everything is so far away 😦

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    • Oh lovely sorry to hear that 😦 That’s sometimes our problem. There isn’t much in walking distance but just a walk to clear everyone’s heads can be a much needed refresher. Maybe a bus or train journey? That in itself is a child adventure!


    • I hear you Becki I have the same problem I don’t drive and, more often than not, anxiety creeps up on me if I even think getting out is a good idea x


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