How To Survive The Arcades With A Toddler Successfully

One of Darrens days off again. Wanted to enjoy being at home, in the garden dipping tiny feet in the paddling pool. But true to form, Mr Firstooth wanted to be out, anywhere. Fair enough. He chose the beach. On a day as cloud free as today where does everyone in the whole world flock to? The beach. So that’s where we went.

At the beach we had an abundance of arcades to choose from. Where everyone who is at the beach also visits. Needless to say, the arcades means your personal space will be invaded on many occasions. Mainly by little children, using your legs as a maze while their parents sit on a deckchair just outside sipping a bottle of becks. All very shameless. While we walk around constantly questioning ‘what’s that smell?’. What was that smell?

I can’t deny, we do enjoy the arcades. 2p machines and all. Apart from the baby, she hates the arcades and will thrash about in her buggy until someone eventually stops trying to force another breadstick in her hand and just picks her up. Going to the arcades with a toddler can be entertaining and hard to watch at the same time.

We started out on a positive note. We seem to forget any previous unsuccessful arcade trips with a toddler, thinking this time will be different. He’s two weeks older don’t forget. It’s probably best otherwise a trip anywhere would be put off. So instead we remember the fun things that happened. Our first port of call was the 2p machines. A personal favourite. This time the toddler put nearly all the 2ps in himself. Whilst I’m desperate to teach him to get his timings right. 2p goes in lands on top of other 2ps. Another 2p in, lands on the same 2p just inserted. I need my own bucket of coins I can’t watch these rule breaks. £3 later he’s won 8p. Something we encouraged as a very brilliant achievement! As soon as we leave, that very machine is jumped on. I don’t blame them. Thanks to us there is now a stack of money just a few coins away from being won. *Waves bye to money we could have won

The toddler suddenly notices a grab machine. Filled with none other than Peppa Pig toys. Shit. He was at the machine faster than we even noticed it screaming ‘Peppa, Peppa PEPPA’. Just give in. Accept this may turn into a costly ‘lets just pop in here darling’ scenario. 20p a go, we went for the full 10 goes. Definitely not something the toddler could master. So I stepped in. I picked up a Peppa toy. YES high five! The machine claws dropped it. Wtf? On the next go I pick up George in a spacesuit, start doing our victory dance when the claws drop it just before the collection part. WTF? I can see a theme occurring here but I still had 7 more goes. I will get the toddler something Peppa related and I will be a rockstar because of it. Down to my last chance I’ve picked up that sodding Peppa again, like I have done Every. Single. Time. The sodding claws drop it. A piece of me dies inside. I’m having a mini argument with this ridiculous money robbing machine and Darren has sloped off with the children. Pretending he’s all of a sudden not with me.

IMG_20150704_202640Time for mission distract toddler from stupid Peppa machine. Back to the 2p Machines! Only this time the toddler wasn’t interested in inserting his own coins. I try to contain my excitement knowing it’s my go. But it’s not my go. He’s decided he wants to explore the arcades holding his pot filled with £2 worth of 2ps. Inevitably, he trips, falls. Its a 2p waterfall spreading itself out across the chewing gum covered floor. Herds of children are now flocked around us waiting to see if we leave any. I stare at them while the toddler happily picks his coins up. I think they got the whole ‘piss off’ message. He’s now chosen his 2p machine. Not to play on it like you and I would but to empty the entire pot of coins in the collection tray at the bottom. I’m confused at this point, is this so he’s automatically won? I take advantage of a few unmanned 2ps and start playing. Win a bunch of coins and as they drop,(while he’s still putting the coins in the tray, then back into the pot) the loud noise it makes scares him so much he falls and it’s coin-gate all over again. Once again, we find ourselves surround by the same little bastards trying to take my sons coins. I like children, just not always other peoples children when they’re lurking around my son to pinch his pennies.

By this time the toddler is familiar with 2ps and turns into a hunter of such. He’s crouching down low walking like he’s filling his nappy on-the-go. Impressive. He managed to find a fair few 2ps, even 10ps just lying around. That’s when I knew he was mine. We treated him to an ice lolly with his findings. Not really, he wouldn’t give us his coins silly! We bought him an ice lolly. He found it cold but tasty. He didn’t know whether he was enjoying this combo so it took him a while to eat his ice lolly. Resulting in a very sticky toddler.


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7 thoughts on “How To Survive The Arcades With A Toddler Successfully

  1. Oh I hate those places with a fiery vengeance. IWell done you for all that patience. There’s a chance I might have smashed the flipping Peppa Pig machine.



  2. My daughters recently learned the term “ripoff” from their father. They’ve also been avoiding those awful grab machines. It only took 9 years. 😉 Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love your posts! You are literally the light in my poopy nappy filled day. 😀 You have so much patience. My daughter discovered the arcade ‘ride on’ cars a few weeks ago and now throws herself on the floor and wails everytime we walk past one without stopping. The first time she did it I didn’t see the car and I genuinly thought she was in pain or something terrible had happened. I used to love the 2p machines when I was little! I’d say I hope my child likes them too, but I really never want to navigate the crazy world of the arcade now I have to pay for it and not my parents haha. Thank you so much for linking this to #whatevertheweather x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you 😀 I really appreciate a lovely comment like that. Oh no! They are the devil in any shopping centre! Our son turns into a plank of screaming wood as soon as he notices it. As soon as children are out of the stage where they eat everything I’d really recommend going (even if it’s just for your entertainment) thanks for hosting! X


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