Mrs Goose Designs Bib Review

PhotoGrid_1435483619239 (1)I was asked by Jessica @mrsmummyj From Mrs Goose Designs to Review one of her lovely bibs. Of course I couldn’t refuse. I had a look at the different designs she offered and was very excited to receive the butterfly pattern for my little girl.

I was very pleased when it arrived (very quick arrival) because it was much larger than I though it would be, not to mention 100% organic cotton which is perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin.

PhotoGrid_1435583420283 (1)The bib covers the majority of my daughters front, very handy for those milk dribbles while she has her bottle! It’ll be a bib that will last for many months to come without the worry of it getting tight around her neck or not having enough coverage. Mia is also dribbling like crazy lately due to a bout of teeth pushing their way through, so today I kept the bib on her to catch all of her dribble spillage. Normally I take her out bib-free because none of her bibs can go with many of her outfits but the design of Mrs Goose Designs butterfly bib went perfectly with her pink wardrobe! She also enjoyed having a little nibble on the bib to relieve any teething niggles she was having.

PhotoGrid_1435483564715 (1)The bib overall is very well made, the seams are strong and it feels good quality (100% organic cotton! Did I mention?). The quality of the bib wasn’t compromised after it went through a wash either and the butterfly is still as lovely as it was pre-wash. Another handy thing which I recommend all parents to look out for is poppers! Poppers on a bib is much more convenient than Velcro. No more getting attached to everything in the wash and no more getting attached to everything in general. I also think having a popper at the back of a baby’s neck must be much more comfortable than harsh scratchy Velcro.

PhotoGrid_1435583526820 (1)Thank you Mrs Goose Designs for not only making stylish, cute bibs but practical ones too!

Anything from Mrs Goose Designs will arrive beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and I would recommend any of her T-shirts, bibs, rompers/sleepsuits or baby grows not only for your children but they would also make a perfect gift. There is a range of designs to suit boys, girls and unisex. Anyone would appreciate such a lovely gift and any baby would appreciate the soft material against their skin.

Take a look at her website to find something you’ll love!    PhotoGrid_1435583607563 (1)


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