Date Night Inspiration

If you’re looking for inspiration and ideas for an upcoming date night then take a look at different ideas and hopefully you’ll find the perfect date night. I recently wrote a post about How To Keep The Romance After Children and one of the ideas was to have a date night. Whether it’s weekly or once a month having one night, just the two of you, makes a huge difference in how well you stay connected as a couple. Children take up the majority of your time and conversations, so to set aside an evening for a date is a perfect way to keep the romance alive. No children around to interrupt your conversation with ‘choo choo, car, PEPPA!’ just the two of you enjoying each others company. Bliss!

  • Bowling this is normally more fun when you go on a double date or in a group. This brings out Darrens competitive side. Anything brings out his competitive side. Bowling is great because I have a high chance of winning (in your face Darren). It’s a fun thing you can both enjoy and there’s no question there’ll be plenty of laughs during the night.
  • D404343_10150689784561206_6888287_ninner in a restaurant, very fancy! Can you remember a meal in a restaurant where you haven’t had to bribe your dancing toddler off the table whilst over feeding your baby milk so she calms down? I can and it was days before I gave birth to my son. Call in the baby sitters and book a table at a restaurant you’ll both enjoy. It’s not often you both get to see each other ‘at your best’. Without a spot of baby sick on your shoulder, your toddlers dinner wiped down your leg, your hair in something other than a pony tail because your baby likes to pull large chunks out and him in his work clothes or some other kind of casual clothing. This used to be a regular outing before children and we really took it for granted. Now when we manage to dine out just the two of us it’s such a treat! We both make an effort and we both appreciate how good we can scrub up!
  • Takeaway if you’re like us and your nearest babysitters aren’t really near, then a takeaway makes a great date night. You don’t need to dress up, you don’t need to stay up late, you can enjoy something really tasty while watching whatever you fancy on TV and it’s much cheaper than a restaurant meal. Sometimes there’s even some left for the next day (not in my house!).
  • Weekend away why not turn your date night into a whole weekend! Our children aren’t quite old enough for me to be comfortable leaving them overnight but that’s just me. If you can take advantage of a weekend child free, then enjoy it! Having a weekend away without any responsibilities with you helps relieve any stress, you can enjoy as much as you can of adult activities, I don’t mean those kinds of activities, but a spa, sightseeing, anything you wouldn’t necessarily do if you had children with you. I’m looking forward to eventually having one of these weekends, maybe Barcelona again or if I’m not feeling brave enough to be in a different country to my children then somewhere in the UK will still be a fabulous treat.
  • Bingo it’s not just for ladies and not just for ladies of a certain age. Bingo is so much fun, it’s not expensive and you could win a bunch! We’ve won a few times it’s an exciting feeling and if you’re not much of a talker then Bingo is perfect!
  • DVD you could watch a DVD whilst you’re enjoying your takeaway or just spread out on the sofa once the children are in bed and watch a film that appeals to you both. When we both watch a film we tend to stick to comedy. I’d much rather watch something we can both laugh at than anything too intense. Although we are widening our DVD collection with things like ‘The Hobbit’.
  • Cinema if you’d rather go out to enjoy a film then this way you don’t have to worry about your film being interrupted by a teething baby or a toddler who has just been woken up by the cat scratching his door. Treat yourself to as many sweet treats as you can. You don’t have to feel guilty about eating it in front of your toddler whilst handing him an apple!
  • Concert chances are you’ll have a few artists that you both listen and bop your head too. So, if they have a concert coming up, put a little fund aside so you can both go, have a dance and listen to something other than that nursery rhymes cd you keep meaning to take out of the cd player. Even if you’re both into different kinds of music, any music live is an enjoyable experience and it’s good to try new things knowing it pleases your other half. You could also tie this in with a weekend away for a real splurge date night.
  • Comedy show there’s nothing more therapeutic than having a belly-aching laugh so to enjoy this together is a bonus!
  • Friends if you’ve not managed to catch up with friends lately because when you get any down-time you treat it as just that. Invite them over to you or travel over to them, you’ll both appreciate the adult conversation.
  • Ghost tours it’s not for me as I’m a real wimp but it gives him the chance to be brave (he’s probably peeing his pants secretly) and it’s an experience that’s a bit different from the usual date night.
  • Cooking together make yourself a really tasty three course meal. All you need to spend money on is the ingredients and this helps my man to learn a new meal to make should he ever need to. Pop on some music and have fun with it!

Have a good date night!

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10 thoughts on “Date Night Inspiration

  1. We have date night every friday and we very much look forward to it. If were visiting family for the weekend then we’ll always use it for babysitting and nip out for food or behaving like teens on arcade games or the cinema! The rest of the time its usually a take away or M&S dine in for 2 and Netflix or a dvd,,i love it, love that we both know its “our time” and love to slouch in joggers together. On special occasions we do go to the theatre or night away. LOVE IT – deffs keep it up, it makes a huge difference to your relationship, especially when theyre older and more nutty! x


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