His Day Off Means My Day Off

So today is Darrens only day off this weekend. In my head all I wanted to do was. Nothing. I’ve had a horrific week listening to a toddler having a tantrum if his crisp packet (given as a bribe) crinkled the wrong way and a baby who is teething and suffering with reflux crying. A lot. So his one day off, I hoped would be my one day off. But that would be a waste of our family day wouldn’t it.

Pre-children I would have loved a last minute decision to go anywhere, quickly throw my shoes on without a care in the world, off to have a fun day out. Now I can’t comprehend the idea of deciding last minute to go anywhere. No schedule? No trip! I like pre-planned days so I can prepare the children in the hope of exiting the house within an hour (a dream with two children). This morning we hadn’t thought of anything. We had set an hour aside last night to think of something to do but we got distracted by a child refusing to go to bed and then, yep, TV! We had a last minute scramble for ideas, we are surrounded by places to visit and things to do but similarly, there’s nothing to do. I’m sure many will understand the feeling. In the end I remembered a place I visited as a child. All I can remember was the location of the place and that they had emus. SOLD. We were on our way! Well we weren’t quite on our way, there were bags to pack, lunches to make, bottles to prepare unexpected nappies to change, more nappies to change.

PhotoGrid_1435435551633We were two minutes away talking about what will be there, our tasty lunch and that we must remember to put more sun cream on the kids, when Darren said ‘you got Masons shoes yea?’. No. I didn’t have Masons shoes. Darren was holding Masons shoes as we left why would I have them? This then turned into a mini-debate resulting in a U-turn back home to pick up his shoes! Luckily Mason had fallen asleep, so we turned it into a good thing that we wasted an hour driving around using up fuel. Mason had his nap, and he hadn’t been car sick yay!

We got there hungry and enthusiastic about setting the kids free on the grass and being able to enjoy our lunch, when we saw the sign NO PICNICS. What?! I had food rage and if my lunch didn’t hit my lips soon I could end up becoming emotional. So we eat our picnic, on this lovely picnic site, where we weren’t allowed to eat picnics. And it was delicious! We were very sneaky but we managed to finish the whole shebang and no-one said a word!

First stop were to see these huge, wrinkly, snorty pigs. PEPPA. Mason likes to rub his fingers at every animal in the hope they will come to him, so sweet. He calls every animals ‘buzz’, after our cat Bella, also very sweet. Each of these pigs had their own patch of farm and their own little tin house. A couple of the pigs were in their house sleeping, so Mason started rubbing his fingers calling ‘buzz, buzz’ and it worked. This huge, wrinkly pig started bowling it’s way towards us. This started to freak Mason out, this had never happened before, no animal had ever come to him so he started shaking his head ‘no, no, no’. The pig still came over and once Mason got over their intimidating looks he was happy that he was meeting Peppa again.

After a fun afternoon I was glad we made the effort to get out and do something and I was very looking forward to getting home, blowing up the pool and playing in the garden. So we got home. I blew up the pool. And it ripped. Fantastic. We all needed the paddling pool. I was so determined to just sit for a while today that I had to whizz down to Tesco and buy a new pool. This time a bigger one that didn’t need blowing up. Perfect! If I could get it out of the bloody box.

Pool set up. Mia napping. It was my time to sit, while everyone else was occupied and no-one needed me. Just my luck that I finally get to do nothing and my eyes, throat and ears start itching. I can’t stop sneezing, my nose turns to a waterfall and my eyes sting. Hayfever. Fantastic. I didn’t let it ruin my nothing time I sneezed and itched my way through it and actually came out with quite a nice tan. Once it was dinner time this hayfever thing got too much and I started to feel ill so I snuck into the lounge with the curtains closed. Darren had assured me he had the children under control. I did it everyday so how hard could it be. He must have realised that VERY is how hard it can sometimes be. When he started with the not so jokey jokes of ‘oh yea you just relax’ I thought I’d relieve him a bit by joining in the evening fun.

Morale is even when we’ve had a hard week and want some downtime when daddy is home to help with the children. Make the most of daddy being home and do something with the day, it’s his day off too so I shouldn’t be selfish to assume it’s my day off. We’re in this together pal! We all had a fun day and we have our usual luck of a little something goes wrong but it’s always easily sorted.

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4 thoughts on “His Day Off Means My Day Off

  1. The rule we try to live buy is that we make one day a week at least as a family day. It gets hard when we are working so much but next week I start a new job that means we have every Sunday free together 🙂 yay!

    Sounds like you guys had a great family day, but what?! no picnics that is just crazy I would have just sat there to if they had complained I would have said ‘well you tell my kids that they are to go hungry then’ .. never seen that before.

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    • That’s good! Even 1 day a week is lovely as a family. It was strange, a perfect picnic site with picnic tables too but maybe people kept feeding their picnics to the animals?x


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