The Best Times Your Child Can Cry

When babies, toddlers or children cry it can be a mix of emotions for the parent. It can make us sad, anxious, annoyed or worried. When children cry for a reason that can be fixed easily with food or a toy then that cry can be easily fixed. When they cry because they’re fed up, most of the time there is no fixing this!

When my children cry a lot of the time it makes me feel anxious, it just depends on why they’re crying. If they’ve hurt themselves or are ill then I cry with them! If they start to have a whine and a whinge because things just aren’t going their way, for me, this can be annoying and frustrating, not to mention difficult to deal with!

When your children start to have a cry there are certain situations where you think brilliant because it can be used to your advantage. Here are the best times for your child to cry like everyone’s watching!

Out ‘n’ About

There is nothing worse than knowing you’re about to listen to a cry that stops everyone in their tracks. You then get the judgemental stares (I’m guessing they don’t have children) or the pity stares (they definitely have children). You can use this crying time to your advantage. If there’s a herd of school kids kicking their heels waiting for nothing to happen all gathered right in your way. Come on Mase put them lungs to work and clear the streets! When it’s busy, a toddler that’s freaking out because he just wanted EVERYTHING in that shop we were just in, is the best way to part the crowds, so you have the freedom to roam the streets without having to ram anyone with your buggy!


Crying while you’re in a queue is painful for everyone near you (they don’t know how painful it is for you too). If I know there is nothing I can do to cheer my toddler up I just put my ‘pity me’ face on and almost try to pretend he’s not mine. This doesn’t happen often but it does happen, people will either feel really sorry for you or annoyed with the shrill scream, that they give up their place in the queue. This is queue jumping at it’s finest! Thank you Mason for cutting our already painful shopping trip down, so we can escape to the car much quicker!

On The Phone

Naturally when I’m on the phone and Mason suddenly decides he wants my phone, I just walk into another room. If you just want to get off the phone and finish your breakfast that you’ve finally been allowed to eat 11.30am, then use their crying to your advantage! No-one wants to stay on the phone while your child is crying.


If you’re finding it hard to leave somewhere, because you need to get back to feed the kids, clean the house, do the washing, prepare his dinner and everything else. Then this is a great time for your child to exercise their vocals! We’ve all been in situations where we’ve bumped into someone and they’ve caught us off guard or maybe in a shop where the shop assistant is extremely friendly but you’ve just learnt her dogs name, where her last holiday was and why he just wasn’t  the one. I love a bit of chit chat, I will always make a conversation with anyone, but after at least 5 minutes, it’s time to go! By this time the kids start getting bored anyway and right on cue, they’ll thrash about in the buggy grunting and soon enough crying. Another situation where crying has been a good thing.

I’m Busy But He Isn’t

If I’m mid-cleaning while he’s watching football guess who’s job it is to attend to any crying children? HIS of course! Sometimes Mia will only take comfort in me but the best time for them to have tears and tantrums is when I’m busy and he Isn’t.

Noisy Neighbours

Lots of people have get togethers in the garden and I’m not against it, how can I be when we can do the same! But when it’s getting late and the neighbours are getting a bit too feisty then having a baby cry is the politest way of asking them to please keep the noise down. Open their window for extra effect so they’ve definitely heard the crying. It’s easy to be loud and not realise it but we have two very light sleepers and I’m not the sort of person that could ask someone to keep their fun quiet. So that’s what children are for!

I really don’t like when my children cry, especially when I can’t do anything for them or they’re crying out of rage from not getting their way. So, might as well make life easier if you can!


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