Teething Means Biting

PhotoGrid_1435326169308 (1)I’ve been wondering when our little 2 toothed daughter would start the biting phase like our son. Today, it’s started today but luckily she only has 2 teeth so it doesn’t hurt… yet! I remember when my son went through this phase, it lasted around 6 months and with each tooth that popped through it got more painful. He would bite my legs, my arms, my shoulders and even my face. I remember just before he turned 1, I was sitting and he toddled over to me, laid his head on map lap and slowly turned his mouth towards my knee. I said ‘noo’ very slowly, he stared at me and then he slowly opened his mouth, flashing his teeth and continued to bite me! We always laugh about that now but it really hurt at the time, he left teeth marks!

They mainly only go through this phase as we tend to be a nice teething ring for them, squishy skin until they hit bone! So for a good few months now Darren and I will start to become covered in tiny little teeth marks. It’s a funny phase to go through and as they grow they become really sneaky with their biting so you don’t know it’s coming and can’t prevent it. She’s due for more teeth soon, so I think baby bite marks will just have to be an accessory to my outfit!


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