Our Trip To Kent Life

PhotoGrid_1435172413771 (1)My lovely mum had taken Monday and Tuesday off to travel up and spend it with us. My midweeks are usually just me and the children with the odd playdate (eventually we will explore our new local playgroups) so to see my mum and the children to see their nana was lovely. The Monday we had a fairly chilled (not so chilled with the children) day at our home, then Tuesday we wanted to make the most of the day and the weather so we bundled the children in the car and tripped out to Kent Life.

It didn’t start out well since I put the wrong postcode in. Just one wrong number and it turned a 20 minute journey into an hour, must be my chunky thumbs!

Once we got to Kent Life, everyone was more than pleased to escape out of the car. The play park was positioned right in front of the entrance, my son is a swing/park addict! So we wanted to quickly eat our lunch before exploring but I had to wrestle him to the bench. He sat looking so sad for himself staring at this huge colourful park so we abandoned lunch and started to explore!

PhotoGrid_1435172491649 (1)The first place we went to visit was the petting part, sheep, cows, rabbits, goats lots of lovely animals to coo over. Mum had bought the kids (I saw kids I mean me and her, thanks mum!) some food to feed the animals. Something I LOVED doing when I was younger, getting a bag of ‘feed’ and feeding animals. I abandoned them all and went straight to the sheep, these weren’t the normal ‘in the field’ sheep they were all different, gorgeous (some a bit funny looking) all very cute! I pulled out my bag of feed and they swarmed! They scared the **** out of me! I seemed like such a loser ‘mum MUM MUM’ I’m a mum myself why was I calling for MY mum to help me?! One of the sheep in particular seemed to have an evil streak in it (see the pictures do you think he looks mean?) so whenever I went to feed the cute fluffy brown sheep that were so low to the ground they couldn’t get a look in, this other sheep with eyes that said ‘feed me b*tch’ threw itself in the air and took all the other sheep out! I should have been impressed by this animals skills and determination, but instead I stood there almost wetting myself calling for my mum. I’m a grown woman with my own children, people must have given me a few odd looks!

PhotoGrid_1435172540369 (1)Once I had finished one bag of feed with the sheep (the leader of the sheep eat most of the bag, well, all of the bag) I turned to the goats. Mason was off with his nana and Mia was with me giving her best two toothed grin at all the animals, until one goat made a noise, a very loud BAA. Then she cried. It didn’t take her long to calm down from the mouthy goat so I got my other bag of feed out. None of them seemed bothered but there was one goat I was desperate to feed. She was tiny, cute and calm. She walked over and rested her face on the fence with her eyes closed (look at the pic, cute right) she made me so broody for a baby goat. I filled my hand with feed and placed it under her tiny chin, then EVERY other goat came charging at the fence barging my little goat out of the way. So I just pretended I had no feed (because they understand) and walked off. Then I quickly ran back after they had dispersed to feed the tiny baby goat, yay!

PhotoGrid_1435156874434 (3)The next stop was the tractor ride, my mum took Mason on first and they both enjoyed it, I think she did more than him just a tiny bit. Then it was my turn to go with Mason, my mum took Mia in the buggy then out of nowhere these school children just appeared on the tractor and filled it up! B*stards. I queued, got excited, we waited our turn but got shimmied to the back and had to wait for the next ride. It worked out well really because us and another little family got the tractor to ourselves. I sat Mason down next to me and we were at the back of the trailer attached to the tractor (above the wheels). We got a warning from the driver that it’ll be bumpy, how bumpy could it get we’ll be fine! After the first turning these ‘bumps’ were like ditches and mountains! Our bums lifted of the seat so I grabbed Mason and held him tight on my lap! We had fun though, he loves experiencing new things he’s such an adventurous and fun boy.

PhotoGrid_1435172951465 (1)We did plenty more but the main attraction for Mason was the swing, it would be rude not to test it out since he IS Kents swing tester. I started to get a bit anxious about the time  Mia needed a nap, Mason needed his dinner made and mum needed to catch a train. Getting Mason off the swing is like getting Darren out of Nandos (a very hard job). So we gave him the warning that we were about to leave, he shook his head. He now says ‘no’ instead of when he needs the toilet (I don’t know where he got that from but that’s how we know he about to put his nappy to use!) he uses it when we ask questions or tell him things he doesn’t agree with. We spent a while pleading with him to let us haul him out of the swing and he just snapped ‘no,no,no’. My mum is calm with him and wants him to stay happy, I think is normal for grandparents and understandable, it’s my job to be the meanie fun squisher. I had to distract him with other fun things he could do on the way back to the car, like the slide or going up stairs, he loves stairs! After a 2 minute, turned 10 minute walk to the car we were finally on our way!

They were ‘stacking’ lorries on the motorway so part of the motorway had been completely blocked off, only open to lorries. So this caused us to be caught in a hell of a lot of traffic. One of my fears while driving is lorries, being anywhere near a lorry really freaks me out so being caught in a ton of slow-moving traffic, surrounded by lorries made me very nervous! The irony is that I was so eager to get back and get things in order but it didn’t matter because it took us a couple of hours to get back. It wasn’t a bad car journey though good music and my singing always makes it a fun ride!

Life Unexpected

9 thoughts on “Our Trip To Kent Life

  1. Haha I love your posts. They always make me chuckle. We’re never too old to shout for our mums in times of need, even when it’s involving fluffy animals with an evil streak haha. These animals look so cute. I love taking my daughter to the farm. She gets so excited seeing the animals but she is a bit cautious of sheep too, especially when they bleat. Damn those school kids appearing out of nowhere on the tractor ride. Lucky you still managed to get on. Thank you so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I love yours too 🙂 farms are one of the best places to take kids, they’ve got such a fascination with animals! My son is nervous of the noises they make too, it makes me laugh when they freak him out though. Pesky school children, still, ours will be one of them one day! Xx


  2. Oh no! That evil sheep, I’m sure your not the first mum to call for her mum, the other people around you were probably amused though. 😉 I love farms, they are great places to take kids to, so much to see and do and completely understand the child extraction from the swing and the constant distraction techniques afterward!

    Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lol I still call for my mum on occasion, we’ve not heard of this one before so will check it out it sounds like a good day out minus the traffic and travel problems 🙂 #whatevertheweather


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