Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Baby Roll Over

Every new stage of your baby’s development is such a milestone. Their first smile, the first time they play with a toy, sit up, roll over, walk and everything else! But rolling over, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! Our children started rolling over at 4-5 months so, here’s why when your baby rolls over you should roll them right back…

PhotoGrid_1435326362724 (1)It suddenly becomes impossible to dress them. I feel like my daughter just wants to wrestle all the time rolling over as I struggle to roll her back, who knew a baby was so strong! When I dress her I get one arm in then she rolls, one leg in and she rolls again, another limb in and she rolls but this time crawls off half hanging out of her clothes! Getting that last limb in suddenly turns in to a real challenge, I try anything, toys, singing, funny faces just to get that last limb in before she makes her last great escape.

Changing her nappy turned from a fairly easy task to, just messy. I lay her on her back and she will smile at me (knowing what she’s about to do) I manage to get the dirty nappy off, when of course, there she goes! There’s ‘that stuff’ all over the carpet, her body, my leg, the clean nappy and the walls how did it get on the walls?! Just an impossible task I need a team of two to help me, one to hold the top half and one to hold her legs, I will do the singing and funny faces to distract her, you need to be strong she’s a feisty baby.

When she sleeps now she sleeps on her stomach, from rolling over again. So once she started rolling over at night we needed to buy a sleepyhead and a movement sensor pad, £200 later I still don’t worry less. She may sleep better but I don’t, I’m over come with fear the she will bury her face in her mattress and the unthinkable will happen! I did the exact same with my son too, we have about 5 different monitors in the house from ‘upgrading’.

I can’t just put her somewhere and know she will stay there. She will roll off the bed, the sofa even the changing table while I’m changing her! (she hasn’t but she would). I used to lay her on the bed while I got ready for the day but now as soon as her knees hit the floor she’s gone! Where did she go? She’s eating the cats food! She’s tangled up in a pair of knickers, where did they even come from?! Since she’s started rolling over I can’t sit and now she’s crawling I have to stalk her because she is everywhere! Between taking things off her and moving her away from things and constantly taking my son off things he’s climbed on, I feel shabby.

I wouldn’t judge anyone who rolls their baby back, life gets that much harder and challenging! But don’t worry, it is fun really!

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5 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Baby Roll Over

  1. In our house this is called ‘the deathroll’ , like when a crocodile is trying to dislodge a chunk of its prey – the strength involved is just as great.
    A friend of mine has an awesome patented technique where she pins her daughter down using her legs. It is indescribable but very effective 😀
    x Alice

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  2. I’d forgotten this – as the proud owner of an 11 week old I am still happy that I pop him down and he is in the EXACT same position as I left him.

    Thats going to change. I’m not encouraging this one 🙂

    Thanks for linking with #effitfriday


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