Peppa Pig All Day Everyday (Help)

I’ve just sat down (second time today including a sit down dinner) only to watch Peppa Pig. Again. He wants PEPPA so when I get to relax, yep, it’s to Peppa Pig. I’ve watched Peppa Pig so many times in these last few months that we don’t need the tv, let me tell you each and every word. I can even act out every scene!

Still, when it comes to every mealtime he demands it ‘PEPPA PEPPA PEPPA’ so I have to fumble about with the bloody laptop that won’t load quick enough while he’s stamping his feet at this point! (We don’t have a tv in the dining room so we laptop it). Then there’s silence from him as soon as it comes on (yay) but I think I would rather listen to him have a tantrum than listen to one more word from Peppa Pig.

PhotoGrid_1435172020445 (3)Don’t get me wrong I think it’s a great cartoon and I’m so pleased he’s so into this, so that I can pop it on whenever I need to clean the loo or something else exciting. But I’m sure I’ve seen every episode. Every episode they’ve ever made. At least 10 times.

Darren and I have had to suffer through so much mummy pig and daddy pig talk that we’ve started talking like it! ‘Go and ask daddy pig’ or ‘can you give this to mummy pig’. It’s taken over our lives.

I’m finding myself desperate these days for him to find another cartoon he used to love all the Disney programmes but not anymore! I can handle kids programmes when there’s variety, I even watch some (secretly shh) but it’s the same episodes, every day, every mealtime, every milk time and every ‘shh look Peppa is on’ time. No other programme just quite entertains him enough anymore before he starts his cry for PEPPA.

He’s even walked out of the room while Peppa is on but if I change the channel you can be sure he will be in as quick as a cat to dreamies demanding PEPPA.

We’re visiting Peppa Pig world this year (very excited) it’ll be so lovely to see their faces meeting the real people. But I bet after our months of endless demands for Peppa, the week before we go Mason Pig will be over Peppa and onto the next phase. I suppose Mia Pig will be at an age that she will be into Peppa (lets hope for the sake of Paultons Park, the reason for our holiday).

Time for Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig to bath our two little piggies. Is anyone else experiencing the Peppa takeover?


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