Handmade Cards

If you have a special day on its way then making a card for the person is such a lovely personal touch. There are plenty of places you can purchase craft pieces to create different and unique cards.

PhotoGrid_1434994789733The cards we made here were  for fathers day and my son helped to make them (half of them). Mason loves farm animals so we kept it farm themed for our cards. He chose what he wanted to put on the cards and stuck them on. I searched for the letters and he helped stick them on too.

We will get more adventurous with our card making as Mason and Mia get older and we keep topping our craft box up with new pieces. Each time we make a card I will do a little tutorial on how we made it. It’s such a lovely way for children to use their creativity and make something they can be proud of to give to something else. I feel that receiving a handmade card is a lovely gift. Shops do make some gorgeous cards these days (also pricey) but you can make something just as lovely and it is a craft activity to keep your child entertained too!


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