Saving Money On Your Energy Bills

To cut down, potentially saving hundreds on your yearly energy bills is easy to do. There are a few easy ways to make sure you’re not paying more than you need to and also earning cashback from your energy supplier.

I’m never a loyal customer, every year when our fixed term is up, I check to see whether the rate we’re on is still the best rate and if it’s not then we leave!

Switching your energy providers has now been made much easier than it used to be thanks to the internet. There are a few websites around that compare energy prices and then switch them there for you or you can go direct to the energy company. The switching sites show you how much you will be saving a year and sometimes it’s hundreds! I use different comparison websites (they sometimes show different rates) to see which of those give the best deal. Once I’ve found the cheapest suppliers, I go direct to them to see if they have any special deals by cutting out the middle man. Usually I use the comparison websites to find the cheapest supplier THEN go onto a cashback website like Quidco or Topcashback and click through them to the supplier. By using a cashback site and going direct to the supplier, you know you’ve already found the cheapest energy company and you earn cashback on top of that!

Being loyal to your energy supplier does you less favours than if you switch every year. I think loyalty should be rewarded but unfortunately it isn’t, so use it to your advantage by switching to a cheaper company every year and earning cashback on top of that!

Paying by direct debit is also another way to save a little extra on your bills. Direct debit tends to be a favoured form of payment by companies so they encourage you to use or switch to direct debit by reducing your bills slightly. Direct debit is also handy to know exactly what your outgoings will be each month. The downside to paying by direct debit is that sometimes you over pay, you are the one that has to figure out if you’re using less energy than you’re paying for the company won’t necessarily let you know you’re overpaying. It can also take time to get any money back that you’re owed because of this.

My main advice to save money on your energy bills is to take the time each year to make sure you’re getting the best deal and if not then switch! When you’ve found a cheaper energy company, check whether you can get any cashback by switching and save even more money!

2 thoughts on “Saving Money On Your Energy Bills

  1. It’s important to do research before making the switch. Some companies will claim to save you money upfront and charge you more on the back end. NH had so many issues the states Attorney General needed to get involved. I am sure this isnt the case everywhere, but research is needed! Great post!

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