Why Daddy Doesn’t Stick To The Rules

My partner works full time and sometimes more than full time.  Late nights, early starts and weekend work all comes with the job!IMG_20150619_144340 (4) - Copy

So, when he does get time with us, whether it’s in the evening or at the weekend, he finds it hard to stick to the rules. The discipline and boundary rules. Our toddler is at the age where boundaries are being pushed and mummy’s temper certainly gets frayed! But there are rules in place and I’m very consistent with them, it’s easy for me to be consistent with them because I’m with our children every day. I’m the one that also ultimately pays the price of tears and tantrums when I’m not consistent.

Darren isn’t always consistent and I don’t blame him. He’s starting to become more consistent since he’s also at the hands of tears and tantrums but rules still get broken. When Darren is with the children the last thing he wants to be doing is enforcing rules and discipline when it’s needed. He just wants to play with them! He doesn’t see them anywhere near as much as he’d like to, so when he does he wants it all to be a positive time. Mason will get biscuits from Darren to avoid a tantrum, tv as a distraction, milk is on tap and rough housing is just how they play.

It’s hard for me to say to Darren don’t do that, no don’t give him that, don’t let him have that! It’s even harder for him to not see them all week and spend quality time with them, so I have to accept that sometimes daddy will break the rules!


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