What Frustrates A Toddler

Toddler tantrums are frustrating for them and for us! Everything around our toddler just gets too much for him sometimes and here’s what’s frustrated him this week from his point of view:

  • I’ve been awake for half an hour now didn’t you hear me talking to myself? GET ME UP!
  • I’m hungry I need breakfast right NOW
  • I asked for cheese then toast not cheese on toast! I don’t want this
  • I’ve changed my mind I want that now
  • Peppa Peppa PEPPA why can’t I turn the tv on?!
  • Why won’t you turn the tv on?!
  • Look at me!
  • Don’t look at me!
  • I want what Mia is playing with
  • I want that other toy Mia is playing with now
  • I can’t open the door
  • I want to go in the garden
  • I don’t want to be in the garden
  • I NEED to play with your keys
  • Why won’t the circle fit in the star hole?!
  • I have to take my clothes off but I can’t
  • I can’t button my coat up!
  • Why won’t your hair detach from your head? I NEED IT
  • I can see your biscuit has chocolate on. Give me some or I will spit mine on the carpet
  • I don’t know I’m just angry!
  • I can’t shut the door properly because I’m in the way
  • I just head-butted you and hurt myself
  • I’ve just spent ages moving the chair over to the worktop, climbing onto the chair, taken a bite out of every apple to find the perfect one, gotten back down and you tell me off?

He’s just the best!

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