Letting The Little Things Go

Creating rules and boundaries are so important for toddlers behaviour as they grow. I’ve learnt lately that not EVERYTHING needs a ‘telling off’.

My nearly 2 year old is such an explorer and really curious about everything he sees or hears. So naturally he wants to know what’s in there, what’s up there, this looks fun to climb! He’s not the only one, every other child around his age is just as curious about people and things. Toddlers are also learning how to help with things even though sometimes their help can be a tad unhelpful.

I’ve come to the conclusion that unless it’s dangerous, naughty or is affecting other people I’m going to ‘let it go’. If it’s just more annoying than anything else then it’s probably just him being an adventurous and curious toddler.

For example if he throws a toy (even a soft toy) at Mia, that in my eyes is naughty and deserves a ‘telling off’ (we go through the process of a warning and the naughty step). Throwing something does affect another person so I wouldn’t let this one go.

If Mason decides to go in the drawer with all of his bowls and cups in to play with them, this is annoying for me because I have to clear it all up BUT he’s not causing anyone any harm. He was interested in what is in the drawer and uses the bowls and spoons to feed his teddies and even us sometimes. If I were to stop him doing this which.is unharmful, he may think I’m just taking his fun away.

When I change Mias nappy, Mason will bring me nappy after nappy. In his eyes he’s helping me but in my eyes it’s annoying because again, that’s a lot of nappies to put away! Instead of telling him to stop I thank him for his help bringing me a nappy and ask him if he help again by putting the nappies away with me. If I asked him to stop then through his eyes he might think being helpful is naughty so he no longer helps.

Since as a family the little things are now let go, it’s become a much calmer house. I feel much more confident now in disciplining him when he deserves it instead of over every silly thing. He is really starting to grasp good and bad behaviour instead of everything he does out of curiosity or ‘helpfulness’ being punished.

Do you let the little things go too?


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