Bathing Two By Yourself

We have two under the age of 2 and there have been quite a few nights where I’ve had to bath them both by myself. It’s quite a daunting thing to do but I just had to come up with a plan of the evening and attempt to bath them both, then put them to bed as best I can without upsetting their evening routine.

PhotoGrid_1434725960710Before they get in the bath here’s what I do to prepare:

  • Get milk ready for both children. Mason will have his before his bath and Mia has hers after so I will leave her milk in her bedroom ready.
  • Get both of their night clothes and nappies ready. Masons will be laid out on his changing table and Mias Will be laid out on the floor of their bathroom.
  • I lay Masons towel on his changing mat so its ready for him to be laid on top and dried. Mias towel gets laid on her changing mat in the bathroom.
  • Run the bath so it’s ready

Once everything is prepared it’s time to get them ready for a bath  so I take them both up to Masons bedroom and undress them both. Mason follows me into their bathroom while I carry Mia in there and then put them both into the bath.

We have lots of bath time fun as normal and a good scrub down. Then once it’s time for them to get dried and dressed I take Mia out first, I get her dried on the towel id already laid out and then get her dressed. Doing it this way means I’m still right next to Mason while he’s in the bath.

When Mia is dressed and ready for bed, I get Mason out and he runs into his bedroom I will pop Mia on his bedroom floor with a teddy for her to play with while I get Mason dressed.

When Mason is dressed I put him to bed in his sleeping bag and carry Mia in to her room. Then all that’s left to do is feed Mia her milk and put her into her bed.

Job done! When you’re so used to having an extra pair of hands to help every night it’s really hard adjusting to doing it by yourself. I’m used to it now and it’s not as daunting as it used to be, if you’re a bit worried about bathing two by yourself I hope this helps!

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