Banning ‘NO’

PhotoGrid_1434530413329 (1)In our house with a boisterous toddler, who is still learning ‘boundaries’ I find myself saying ‘no’ hundreds of times a day. ‘No’ can be such a harsh blunt word but is sometimes the best and quickest word to use.

Our son understands what ‘no’ means but it doesn’t mean he always listens. So for 1 week ‘no’ is banned from our house.  We will still use our same discipline routine but without ‘no’ at the front of it all.

So it’ll now be ‘please don’t throw that’ ‘don’t throw that otherwise you will have a time out’ then a timeout. It just seems like a calmer way of communicating with our toddler. When I start throwing ‘no’ around constantly and getting frustrated myself he picks up on this and either gets anxious from my bluntness or gets upset and then there is no communicating with him.

I will give an update in a week and hopefully we can both as parents stick to this rule! It’s only 7 days right…


6 thoughts on “Banning ‘NO’

  1. You must have read my mind! I’m starting to get sick of hearing no too so have been trying to use sentences like you like “we don’t throw food”, “don’t touch that it’s hot/dangerous”, “please don’t do that”. BattleKid does stop more when I talk to him rather than just say no but “no” still comes out for very bad things. I’m hoping this change will mean he’ll listen and heed a no more than he does. Oh the joy of toddlers!

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    • Keep me updated on how it goes with you, I want to be respected and ‘no’ definitely commands respect but I don’t want that to be the main way I discipline him. He keeps much calmer like you said when I just firmly tell him to ‘please stop doing something’ so far today it’s gone well!

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      • And likewise I’d like to know how you get on. God love them they’re still learning and BattleKid is only 17 months old but I’d rather start him now than end up with an older child who refuses to listen to no at all 😉

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      • I will do an update next week, I never explain to him why I’m saying no either so he probably just thinks I’m a big meanie stopping him doing something he was enjoying. We can catch up next week on this! Fingers crossed for us both!

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