Top 11 Signs Your Baby Or Toddler Is Teething

It’s hard to know when your child is teething, if they’re ill or just having a grumpy day. If you find yourself wondering whether to give your baby or toddler some teething gel or Calpol then knowing the signs of teething can be a great help!

When my first child started teething Google was my best friend in searching for different signs before I gave any unnecessary medication. I also spoke with many other mums about what their child has experienced just before a little tooth popped through. Now we are going through it all again with our second and if we’re in doubt then I think of the following signs, if your child has a few of these then chances are YES they’re teething:

  • Red Cheeks
  • Swollen Gums
  • Cries when Gums are Touched or Chews on a Toy
  • Diarrhoea
  • Nappy Rash
  • Waking Frequently in the Night (if they don’t usually)
  • Snotty Nose (and not an illness)
  • Extremely Dribbly
  • Chewing on Everything
  • Temperature
  • Eczema

Both of my children suffer with at least 3 of the above every time they are about to cut a tooth and many other mums we see say their children show a few of the above symptoms.

Some of the side-effects of teething are unusual but if you notice your child showing a few of the above then it may be time to bring out the teething ring, some pain relief and lots of cuddles!

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5 thoughts on “Top 11 Signs Your Baby Or Toddler Is Teething

  1. Bumblebee has just gotten his first tooth, and a second is sawing its way through…and he is miserable! I almost wish babies were born with their full set of teeth – although can you imagine how odd they would look?! 🙂

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