1 – 2 Years Toddler Routine

If you are a routine kind of parent and you’re baby, now turned toddler, needs a new routine this this is all about our sons routine. His routine is really easily adjusted so the following is just a guide and you can alter it slightly to suit your lifestyle or if you’re planning a day out.

PhotoGrid_1434540994513 (2)If you’re wondering if he sleeps through the night, YES he does! It took him just over a year but we actually found once he settled into his new routine he cut out that night feed after a couple of weeks! Although every child is different and only you know your little ones needs best.

So here is our toddlers daily routine:

7.30-8am – Wakes up

8.30 – Breakfast time while watching something on our laptop

9.30 – Plays by himself with his toys

10 – Activity time, usually a playgroup or we go to the park

12.30pm – Lunchtime while watching something on the laptop, unless we have a picnic he just enjoys the view

1.30 – 2 – Has some milk and starts his nap

2.30 – 3 – Wakes up no later than 3

5 – 5.30 – Dinner time

7.30 – 8 – Bath Time

8 – 8.30 – Milk and bedtime

If we go out for a day trip I will wake him up at 7am then make sure we leave at 11 and he then has his nap in the car, that gives him the energy for the day and we push his bedtime forward by an hour too. At 1 years old they have usually just transitioned down to one nap a day which can be up to 2 and a half hours. As our toddler has grown I’ve reduced his nap by half an hour every few months. We knew when his naps needed to be reduced because he would either refuse to go to bed or he would wake in the night. Then after a couple of days with the shorter nap he would be back to normal, going to sleep without a fuss and sleeping until morning (unless he is teething or is ill).

I hope this helps anyone looking for a routine for their toddler, it fits perfectly with our lifestyle and it can be easily adjusted to fit other peoples.


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