Childrens Car Sickness Kit

Does you toddler or child suffer with car sickness? Then this kit is for you! Keep it all in a bag or a box in your car and refill it as and when you need to.

Our toddler suffers terribly with carsickness so we keep this kit in the car and our car journeys are now either sick-free or easily cleaned up.PhotoGrid_1434269011178

  • Hayfever Tablets – a brilliant side-effect from these tablets are that they help prevent motion sickness, these are only recommended when your child is over 1 year and if your doctor has said it’s ok to use them. Our son also suffers with hayfever, so for us they’re a 2 for 1 special
  • Dry Crackers – nibbling on one of these during a car journey helps stop that nausea feeling because they’re so dry they help soak up some of the acidity in the stomach, plus they’re bland, some strong tastes and smells can exaggerate travel sickness
  • Water – being sick can dehydrate you so having water handy (don’t keep this one in the car) will help refresh your child and get rid of any nasty taste left in their mouth
  • Bib – put your child in their car seat first then pop the bib on them over their car seat straps, this stops any sick collecting in the car seat, which makes cleaning up a lot easier. The best type of bib to use are the ones with arms, these ones tend to have a larger bib area to cover more of your child
  • Wipes – having a pack in the car is useful but more so when travelling with a car sick child, these will freshen up your child and the car
  • Clean Top – just in case the bib doesn’t fully protect your child it’s worth having a fresh top or set of clothes in the car ready

This kit is a must have for all parents whose children unfortunately suffer with car sickness, it’s been a brilliant kit for us!

Try having a look at 8 Ways To Prevent Travel Sickness for tips on how to prevent.

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