Baby & Toddler Changing Bag Essentials

Going out with a baby and a toddler can mean that our changing bags end up being jam packed, weighing our arms down and so bulky that it can get in the way on days out. I’ve been guilty of over-packing and filling our bag with unnecessary things ‘just in case’, but I realised recently ‘just in case’ never happened.

Here’s what I de-cluttered our bag down to and we’ve not needed to add anything to this when we go out, so if your bag is starting to overspill too, see if this works for you:PhotoGrid_1434354566961

  • Milk and a bib – our 7 month old has her milk feeds every 4-5 hours so I work out how long we will be out and then how many bottles we will need, it’s normally just 1
  • Water – for our toddler, he always gets thirsty when we’re out and it saves having to buy any drinks
  • Changing mat
  • Nappies and wipes – 1 pack of wipes is always enough, 2 nappies for our toddler and 4 for our baby and after our day out I always remember to re-stock these so it saves time when we next go out
  • Snack – this is usually a mini bag or breadsticks or Heinz biscotti, the snack will always be something my toddler and baby can munch on so it saves packing 2 different types
  • Rattle – this will be for the baby 1 is always enough and she only plays with it when she gets bored of her surroundings or if she’s teething
  • Bubbles – these are perfect for on the go entertainment because they’re small so they don’t take up a lot of room in your bag and they keep both a baby and toddler amused

These are all the things I take for a baby and toddler along with my purse, keys and phone. It made such a difference once we reduced the amount we took out and we haven’t needed anything else!

Enjoy your new bag freedom!

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