8 Ways To Prevent Childrens Travel Sickness

We have a toddler that suffers terribly with car sickness so I’m speaking from experience of what has worked from us. If your children suffer try these tips out and see if they make a differencePhotoGrid_1434365329671

  • Front Seat – if it’s possible to pop a car seat in the front passenger seat (after the air-bag is disabled)we aren’t able to do this in our car but when Mason has travelled in other cars where we was able to sit in a front seat, he wasn’t sick at all
  • Cool Air – open a window or put the air-con on, heat exaggerates the feeling and can quickly cause a sickness spell
  • Nap-time – where we can, on long journeys I time it with their naps, they can’t be sick when they’re asleep
  • Eyes Closed – if your child doesn’t take a nap anymore or you can time it so the car journey is during nap time, try and coax them into keeping their eyes closed. This won’t be possible with young children but for older children this really helps. Vision is one of the main causes of sickness, so once they can’t see the motion it takes away that factor
  • No Books – don’t give them anything to read or watch
  • Distractions – this one works magic with our son, I talk to him constantly, asking if he can see the cows or sheep that we’re driving past or talking to him about where we are going, if I run out of things to talk about I just sing to him instead with his favourite songs. The distraction takes his mind off of feeling ill and he instead focuses on what I’m doing or saying, he also really enjoys it
  • Head between your legs – I remember this from when I was a child and suffered badly, my toddler isn’t old enough to understand and do this yet but if your child is then ask them to try this, bending over and closing my eyes took that feeling away after a few minutes and stopped me from being sick
  • Food – only feed your child dry food like crackers and dry toast before a car journey and steer clear of anything dairy

Let me know if these tips work for you. Also take a look at my Childrens Car Sickness Kit which is our must have homemade kit for every journey.

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