I Am The Mum Who…

Thank you to the lovely Clare from sonssandandsauvignon for nominating me for ‘I am the mum who…’ she has a great blog about all things family!

This is a hard one to think about! But here goes…

My gorgeous M&M’S Mason and Mia

I am the mum who

  • Listens to your babble every morning and smiles because you sound so cute
  • Is the first person you see in the morning (when daddy is working) and your smiles fill my heart
  • Lets you have a sip of my morning tea because you’ve just learnt to say ‘tea’
  • Will put the tv on as a distraction while I shovel your breakfast in you
  • Will kiss and cuddle you, just because
  • Will eat a biscuit in front of you and think uh oh, then have to give you one too
  • Ignores you when you’re having a tantrum
  • Uses our cat Bella as a distraction from any tantrum that’s looming (sorry B)
  • Always plans a great outing for every day of the week but in reality it’ll only be a couple of days and trips to the park
  • Cries when you cry
  • Cries when you’re ill
  • Won’t sleep if you’re ill
  • Will give your apple a quick rinse and hand it back to you when you drop it
  • Dresses you in the BRIGHTEST luminous clothes when we go to playgroup because I don’t want to lose you!
  • Does the strangest things to make you smile or laugh, if our neighbours saw they would think I’m crazy
  • Spends every last penny on you because you need it all
  • Puts Peppa Pig on when I need to get a bit of housework done
  • Uses food way too much as a bribe
  • Kisses you goodnight, everynight
  • Misses you so much if I go out without you, so that doesn’t happen often
  • Sneaks in to your room numerous times in the night because you look so beautiful when you sleep
  • Loves you unconditionally

I now nominate




I’m looking forward to seeing your lists x


4 thoughts on “I Am The Mum Who…

  1. That’s lovely chick, although I have to ask…are you the quickest house cleaner in the world…? if I put peppa pig on I’m back after 5 minutes putting a new one on 😊 however…I’m also a pro at cleaning apples 😊 x

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