About Me

My name is Lizzie, I’m a mum of 2 with a lovely partner and daddy to our children. I’m lucky enough to be a stay at home mum and am so grateful that I get to be with them everyday, although it’s not an easy task! Before becoming a mum I worked in a law practise, completing house purchases. It could be a stressful job but it was fun juggling a ton of clients and completions, it made me feel important but I wasn’t really!

I’m a true foodie, I will cook anything and eat everything! Nachos is my weakness along with too many cups of tea. Take a look at my recipes, I will update them regularly and will never put anything online unless it’s been taste approved by a baby, toddler and us 2 adults.

I’m super savvy when it comes to spending money I’ve figured out all sorts of ways and life hacks that has saved hundreds off our bill every year. Darren, my partner, loves my moneysaving mind but the money we save always ends up being spent on the children, we can’t help ourselves!

I love playing about with makeup, it’s an expensive hobby of mine! I’ve watched countless tutorials on youtube that I’ve mastered different styles of makeup in record time. Now we have children I can’t spend the luxury amount of time that I used to, especially when I have a toddler digging his way through my makeup bag. I’ve also learnt a lot about beauty cosmetics over the years, I have sensitive skin and used to suffer with acne so it really has been a trial and error process, which is now over!

I started this blog to mingle with other parents and it will be so lovely for us to look back over time at different days out we’ve had and pictures we’ve taken. I also hope to fill my blog with content that keeps you all entertained so it’s enjoyable to read, perhaps one day it’ll earn our family a penny or two? Who knows! So far I’m enjoying meeting other parents online and reading their experiences, funny stories and tips to make life easier!

I hope you enjoy reading this blog and possibly make a recipe of 2 of mine? Please keep in contact too, I love to hear feedback!


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