5 Reasons To Take Your Children To The Park

We are lucky enough to have 2 parks near us and we go everyday (unless something’s come up) having children gives us parents a chance to enjoy what we did as children it’s brilliant! If you’re debating a park visit then here’s 5 reasons you should go:

Fresh Air

Being out beats being stuck indoors especially in gorgeous weather. The fresh air helps build our children’s appetite up for dinner and also knocks our son out at bedtime! He sleeps through Mia’s many night waking’s and he’s not normally a good sleeper himself! I have children that go stir crazy so just being outside really perks them up and the park itself is a bonus!

PhotoGrid_1434190708052 (2)It’s Easy

If you live within walking distance of a park then popping the children in a pushchair and taking them to the park is much easier than planning a day visit, which takes a lot of effort and planning. Children can get just as much enjoyment from the park as they can from a day trip out.

Meeting People

You can often meet other parents there and the children can find friends to play with. Mason loves playing with other children and it really helps him learn to wait his turn on things like the swing. It can almost be a similar experience to a playgroup but with less structure. I always love chatting to other mums and since we’ve only recently moved to the area they keep me up to date with the best groups and even what the schools are like.

Simple Enterainment

I love how simple it is to keep Mason entertained at the park. He is a swingaholic, he sits there perfectly content and happy and he did so for nearly an hour the other day! Once Mia is able to sit in a swing safely taking them both to the park will be great since they can be in swings next to each other while I can push and they’re both safely in view! The slide too, it’s just going up the steps and sliding down but it’s not JUST that to them. Everything at the park is simple and an easy way of keeping them occupied. Most parks are fenced in too so as long as you keep an eye on the gates, you don’t have to worry about them just wandering off, every mums worst nightmare!

It’s Always Open

You can be easy-breezy and go to the park whenever it suits you. There’s no opening times and there’s no limit on the amount of time to spend there. It’s also nice being out but being so close to home too, it means I don’t have to take my body weight in baby bits when we go there!

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