Mother And Toddler Spaces

I visited the supermarket this evening with my 7 month old and my almost 2 year old. As per usual all the mother and toddler spaces were TAKEN. I circled the area a couple of times like a stalker and saw 3 cars leave with… NO KIDS! Why do they feel they need extra room to open their doors? Or the right to be near the trolleys with all the baby and toddlers gadget bits?

I don’t park in these spaces because they’re closer to the shop and I feel lazy, I’m more than happy to walk across the car park if that’s where the spaces were. I park in there because getting the car seat out of the car to attach to a trolley needs more space around the doors of the car. These spaces are also right next to the trolleys that I need to use. I’m not leaving my baby and my toddler in the car by myself while I traipse across the car park to get a trolley! and I’m definitely not dragging a toddler, that’s still learning his awareness of cars and a hefty car seat or baby across by myself. It’s enough of an event as it is taking two children to the supermarket.

There are plenty of other spaces across the car park where these parking space thieves can park, I just wish they would!

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