How Do I Stay Awake

It’s been 3 nights now that Mia has woken every half hour to an hour. WHY? Last night I couldn’t even ask for help from Darren because he was leaving for work at 5am. Every time I dragged myself up I just kept thinking a few choice words about Darren and his stupid early start.

It seems to be a mum thing that as soon as you have children it takes you ages to fall asleep and that is only into the lightest sleep in the world. So each night it feels like Mia times it to perfection that as soon as I drift off she decides she needs milk or a bum pat. It almost feels like a dream when I hear the grunting and then the crying on the monitor, if only it was just a dream.

It must be a man thing too that they can just fall asleep instantly and sleep through ANYTHING, Mason and Darren just sleep through Mia wailing and screaming in the night. How do they do it? Darren has even had the cheek to wake up and say ‘Mia had a good night last night didn’t she’ did she? what Mia are you talking about because ours didn’t!

I can’t pinpoint what it is, not enough sleep in the day? Too much sleep in the day? Not enough milk? Teething? She can’t help it and isn’t doing it on purpose but I do need to remind myself of that every night.

The most frustrating part is that she was sleeping through from 6 weeks to 4 months and all of a sudden started waking a few times in the night, sometimes for 3 hours! She must have heard me bragging about how well she was sleeping and just thought ‘ha! I’ll show you good sleeper’.

I feel like a zombie everyday and these last few days have been HARD. I definitely count down the minutes until their naps so I can get a few bits done and sit down for 5 minutes with a tea.

I also read an article lately that women need more sleep than men otherwise it has a huge knock-on effect on their mood. This made me feel better that I wasn’t being snappy because that’s just who I am, it’s because I’m exhausted!

I just need to get a grip ‘this is what being a mum is all about’ but that doesn’t make it easier. Maybe my body will adapt to it all and I won’t be this grumpy zombie everyone is tip-toeing around.

All I can say now is that my kettle and mug gets a thrashing throughout the day. What would I do without tea?


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