8 Positives Of Having A 14 Month Age Gap

We didn’t expect the age gap was going to be so small read Our Unexpected Baby to see how we dealt with finding out! Sure, it’s HARD work but for anyone that is also going through it or is about to go through it focus on the positives!

Your children get to grow up together and will be interested in playing with the same things so your house isn’t overloaded with toys for different age groups.

You can re-use your previous child’s clothes etc. sooner which means you can clear it out for more space sooner!

Being around the same age once their older they will be able to share the same friends so no-one gets left out on playdates.

The first couple of years is the hardest lets face it! That hard period is over a lot quicker than if you were to wait a few more years. Once your hard work pays of with the small age gap you can sit back and enjoy your new (sort of) freedom.

They start school within a year of each other so there will always be the comfort of a sibling nearby.

If you’re settled on 2 like me then that’s really 2 years worth of baby weight to shake off which you only have to shake off once after your second baby is born!

Once your next child is weaned then going out becomes a lot easier. You won’t have all the bottles to prepare, or extra clothes to pack and once they’re out of nappies (which you could do at the same time) NO MORE NAPPIES or changing bag! Your arm is free and you just have to pop water and snacks into your bag and go. I cant wait for that day to come.

You’re already doing it! You’re already sterilising the bottles and changing nappies so what’s 1 more? It’s much harder to get back into the habit of doing all this once you’ve had a break than if it’s still already your way of life.

Focus on the positives but there are negatives too…

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